Are you a right chewer or a left chewer?


By Chuck Woodbury
I read something yesterday that said that right-handed people chew their food on the right side of their mouths. Left-handed people chew on the left side.

I’m right handed, and after thinking for a minute I realized I do chew mostly on the right side of my mouth, at least most of the time. Gail is left handed. I asked her. Without even hesitating she said the left side.

Who would ever think of this?

What about you? What side of the mouth do you most often chew your food? Leave a comment if you wish. This should be fun!



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I have teeth issues, so I chew on whatever side isn’t currently hurting/being worked on.


People chew more on the same side they feed themselves with, so it follows dominant hands. That said, missing teeth, soreness, dental work, bridgework that catches the particular food in hand, etc all throw that rule off. Try to chew pretty evenly because habitually chewing on one side can irritate your TM joint and overwear teeth.

Gene Bjerke

Actually, I chew on the side opposite from where my most recent dental work has been.


I am right handed and chew on the left side and am also left-eyed in photography.

Tommy Molnar

I’m sorry. I have no clue which side of my mouth I chew on . . . I just put food in, chew, and swallow. Now I’ll have to try to remember next time I eat. Remembering – another problem – ha.

Merlin Billings

I’m right handed but I chew mostly on the left because I am missing a couple of teeth on the right side of my mouth. I don’t remember which side I chewed on the most before I lost those teeth.