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My brand-new Dometic fridge won’t stop beeping!

Dear Dave,
I have a problem with my Dometic fridge. I have replaced the eyebrow or control panel with a new one. It gets 12v to the back of the fridge. I have had a technician inspect it and he said it was the control panel but it still continues to beep. When it does, it switches back and forth from propane to electric like it’s confused. This fridge is new and has been used for only one month. The beeping all the time is killing me! It’s a Dometic DM2672RBf4. —Steve, 2022 Jayco 22RB

Dear Steve,
Since the unit is in a 2022 unit, it is still under warranty and needs to be documented by an authorized dealer. Additionally, a service technician needs to verify the voltage and a few other items. Was the technician that inspected your Dometic fridge an authorized technician and did you get the control panel replaced under warranty? If it’s still doing the same thing, then it was not diagnosed properly and you need to get it documented.

Two modes on a Dometic fridge

Next question, does it do this on both modes? You should have an auto setting and an LP setting that determines the mode it should operate on. The auto setting will default to 120-volt mode unless the power is shut off, then it will automatically switch to LP mode. The LP setting will only run on LP mode even if the unit is plugged in and there is 120-volt power going to the refrigerator. I assume you have it on auto mode since it is switching back and forth. Have you tried it on LP mode?

The first thing I would check is the outlet that the refrigerator is plugged into. You can use a multimeter and determine whether there is proper voltage and whether the wiring is correct using this diagram.

If the fridge is cycling back and forth from LP mode to 120-volt mode, it could be something fluctuating in the power source. If you have a dual outlet like the one pictured here, you will need to test the one the refrigerator is plugged into. It might be wise to get a GFCI tester like this one and plug it in long enough to verify it has consistent power between 110-120 volts for a period of time.

This will also tell you if the wiring is correct and the voltage is consistent.

Your Dometic fridge model should have a ThermoFuse located just above the burner assembly that senses high temperature and indicates something is wrong with the cooling unit. Verify this is not tripped, as it is a resettable button.

Next, I would test the lower control module that is in the back of the refrigerator. This is the component that verifies the power source and makes the switch. If the unit is cycling back and forth between modes, it seems there is an intermittent 120-volt power source, which could be the outlet, as discussed, or loose wires in the control module, especially going to the heating element.

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Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and the author of the “RV Handbook.”

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Steve Demick
24 days ago

Dave. The propane mode the refrigerator all at the same time will shut the flame out, click motherboard, and check light on control panel with continous beeping. the auto mode will click motherboard and beep together. Both the mother board and control panel was replaced out of my pocket. we have checked the gf plug, the volts are 13.7 the refrigerator is cooling to 27 to 44 degrees. the beeping happens mostly at night around 7pm throu morning like 8am. beeping at 2am as well.

Last edited 24 days ago by Steve Demick
Bob M
1 month ago

I did my best when buying present travel trailer to avoid buying one with a Dometic Fridge. My last travel trailer was only about three years old and the RV A/C technician could not figure out what was wrong. He reached out to Dometic and their inconsiderate answer was to buy a new fridge. Money in their pocket, but screw me. Unfortunately the travel trailers Dometic A/C is so loud you can’t watch TV with it on. I also had trouble with the Dometic digital thermostat after warranty expired. Will not buy anything Dometic anymore.

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