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Ask Dave: Slide room flaps not working properly, don’t flip to squeegee. Why?

Dear Dave,
We have a 2016 Keystone Raptor Toy Hauler with three slides. The two larger slides have a bulb seal on the sidewall trim and a slide room flap or squeegee that is supposed to wipe the side of the slide room as it retracts. Problem is, that the flap does not flip the other direction when extending. I have to use a fireplace poker to pull it out. Any suggestions? —Doug

Dear Doug,
Winnebago has been using that same double-sided bulb seal with flap or squeegee since 1997, and I have never seen or heard of that issue happening. I even witnessed the testing of the rooms prior to that with more than 14,000 extensions and retractions, so this is puzzling. Here is what the seal looks like in a drawing. It attaches to the frame of the sidewall opening at the center groove and the round “bulbs” are on the inside and outside.

I called my Keystone rep and, sure enough, they have seen this issue before and have a “secret fix” for it.

Avoid leaks if your slide room flaps are not working properly

As the room moves in and out, the resistance of the sidewall of the slide out room should push or flip the flap to the other direction. However, not all rooms are perfectly straight, so a slight variance can create a gap that will not change the direction. It’s not a big deal if the side of the room is not wet. If it’s dry, the room can still be extended all the way out and retracted so the bulb seal is depressed and there are no areas for leaks. However, if you can not extend the slide room all the way, the flap is your only seal. If it is not in the correct position, you will have a leak potential.

The fix

We purchased a piece of plastic molding that had adhesive on one side and applied it vertically on the side of the slide room just after the side window. As the flap hit the trim piece, it pushed it in the correct direction. The trim piece was 8’ long and only about ¼” thick, so it didn’t stick out very far and did not interfere with the side of the slide opening.

Dave Solberg is a leading expert in the RV industry and author of the “RV Handbook” as well as the Managing Editor of the RV Repair Club.

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5 months ago

I had the problem of the seal not “flipping” on my Winnebago when I moved the slide in or out after “lubing” the seal w/cornstarch as recommended at a Winnebago rally years ago. After I quit trying to “lube” the seal that problem pretty much went away.

John Boy
5 months ago

Dave, as per the rest of the people are saying please provide a real life picture of the fix. I have the same issue with my 2017 Jayco Seneca but not on all slides. I would use the clear adhesive bumpers what Philip stated.
When you say “just after the side window.” per the picture that was provided would that be to the left or right of the window. I’m thinking to the left of the window in the picture that was provided.

5 months ago

Another solution is a vertical row of  Furniture Bumpers – Clear Adhesive Bumper Pads about 6″ apart.

5 months ago

I can understand the installation, but it would be nice to have an Amazon link for the trim piece so that we we would know exactly what to buy. Plus RV Travel would get their commission.

5 months ago

This issue may be prevalent in various brands but not all. In the Monaco world, it’s pretty common. The preferred solution is similar to what Dave mentioned but with anti-skid “gripper tape”. Run a 1” wide strip of the adhesive-backed tape (generally designed to prevent slips on steps) vertically about 1-2” from the RV fixed wall when the slide is extended. One strip on each side wall of the slide(s). Works very well and lasts for years. Easy to replace. I buy 2” wide tape, then cut it into 1” strips with a scissors.

R. C.
5 months ago
Reply to  GeorgeC

To me this seems like it could wear down the flaps rather quickly do to the rough surface of the tape

Steve - Alaska
5 months ago

A photo of the suggested solution would have been very nice. I have had several 5th wheels, class “C’s” and class “A” motorhomes and almost all have had this same issue. It is hard for me to believe that Dave has not ever seen it.

Judy Wiemer
5 months ago

Same here on my Grand Design 315RSTL. I read and reread and did not understand. My brain keeps saying….Huhhh

5 months ago

The illustrations do not show me a thing…. I have flipping trouble but didn’t get an answer here.

Bob M
5 months ago

I have the same issue as Doug on a Jayco Jayflight 29RKS. Your answer has a lot of words, but unless you show diagrams or pictures what your talking about. We have no idea. Like I mentioned before, you have to provide solutions that we understand. To me it seems like Jayco is using poor quality gaskets and seals on their slide room gaskets and seals.

5 months ago
Reply to  Bob M
Joe Dobry
5 months ago

As to “Ask Dave” not knowing about the ‘non-flipping’ slide wipers—have seen this on numerous RVs since I got my first fiver in 2007-a Doubletree(DRV) it and a 2015 DRV fiver had this problem. Now on my Tiffin Phaeton. Look around, you will see numerous RV slides with that simple solution.

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