Monday, September 26, 2022


On a typical day, how far do you usually walk?

Perhaps you wear a Fitbit or an Apple Watch and you know exactly how many steps you take and how many miles you walk in a day. Others of you may not know that you actually walk 2.72 miles in a day, and that’s just around the campground, to the laundry facilities and back!

But if you had to take a guess (or if you know exactly) how far, how many miles, do you think you walk in a day? Do you think it’s just about a half mile? 2 miles? 4? 5? Take a guess and let us know in today’s poll. Thanks!


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Neal Davis
5 months ago

Typical day: almost 2 miles walking our dog twice (our driveway is just short of 1/2 mile) and 1 1/2-2 miles working around the farm.

5 months ago

I am 86 years old. Have walked 30-40 miles per week every day for the last 3+ years. Rain or shine it always manages to get done. Obviously some days more effort is needed. Besides good health I think the best walking shoes you can buy are the key to maintaining your activity.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
5 months ago
Reply to  SeaDog

Wow! Way to go, SeaDog! You’re an inspiration. Keep up the good work. 😀 –Diane

5 months ago

I do close to 5000 steps a day. I push for 7000.Some days are a little less .

5 months ago

I do at least 10000 steps every (almost) morning. If travel days I’ll do at least 5k before leaving and another 5k in the evening. The dogs love it.

5 months ago

before my knee injury i’d walk 3-5 mi per day. now, about .5-1 mpd.

Thom R
5 months ago

When we are in the RV for months, we try to walk every day. But when we’re at home taking care of 2.5 acres, the dedicated walk isn’t necessary!

Peggy Bradley
5 months ago

4 plus

Bob Perata
5 months ago

I’m a birder and just came back from the Texas Gulf Coast in Rockport , was there for two months and prior to that was in SE Arizona in Huachuca City for 4 months. And I birded 5-7 days a week. Birding takes me to soo many different and unique areas and very seldom meet people on the trails , just many other birders. Keeps me busy and off the streets at night.

5 months ago

My answer would vary widely depending on the weather. less than half a mile in the winter, if the weather is nice 3 to 5 miles easy.

5 months ago

6000+ steps per watch count.

Bob p
5 months ago

I walk far enough to get everything done I have to do and not one step farther, no need to, I have one bad knee and I see no need to wear the other one out before I die. Lol

Joe Allen
5 months ago

I have a step app on my phone and it only measures steps. Last year in Yellowstone NP, I held a job there for 7 months and averaged 10500 steps per day!

Ed K
5 months ago

I have MD so walking is hard, still not in a wheelchair yet, but it is in my future.

Wayne Caldwell
5 months ago

My FitBit tells me my average ‘steps’ are between 12k and 30k. However, the FitBit measures arm movement, not leg movement. A couple of weeks ago it said I had covered 36k steps when I had actually been sanding a fender for my ’36 Hudson Terraplane.

Bob p
5 months ago
Reply to  Wayne Caldwell

There’s a perfect example of a great idea that someone failed to say “what if” before it was implemented. A man standing almost still but his fit bit says “attaboy you’re really walking today”. If it’s supposed to count steps it should be on the ankle, but… then other people wouldn’t be able to see it and create more advertising.

Glenn A
5 months ago

Almost every day starts with a 3 mile walk with our K-9 companion. There will be no peace until he has his exercise .

5 months ago
Reply to  Glenn A

Dogs are a great exercise incentive! I take ours out for 2 to 3 miles in the countryside every day regardless of weather.

Leslie Schofield
5 months ago
Reply to  Glenn A

Yes our pup gets a couple of miles in the morning and another couple of miles on the evening. Life is a lot nicer when he is relaxed!🐕‍🦺

5 months ago
Reply to  Glenn A

I’ve said for ages that the right kind of dog is the best work out equipment you could have. Any high energy pup ensures you don’t sit around on your butt all day and demands you get them good walks and play time. They love you and bond to you for giving them what they need and give you the physical activity you need. And a best friend in the process!

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