Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Backseat Bivy car hammock: A new comfort for car campers

I wonder how many of you are as nutty as I am, watching all sorts of “influencers” and the different ways in which they embrace the camping lifestyle. Yeah, yeah. There are some incredible bus and RV builds out there. But there are also people who car camp. Seriously. 

In fact, today there are enough different things you can add to the average car that you can facilitate car camping. You can have just about everything you could imagine, albeit in a smaller form that would fit into the car. 

So it was no surprise when publisher Chuck Woodbury turned me on to another thing being created for car campers, the Backseat Bivy. Essentially this is a hammock designed to hang inside the back of a car like a Subaru or other SUV. It basically turns it into a camper. 

Following a successful campaign on Indiegogo, where they achieved more than 200% of the necessary startup capital, the product is on its way to production. 

How does the Backseat Bivy work?

To use the hammock, you hook one side of the device to the headrests of the front seats. The other side is attached to the child safety latches that are behind the fold-down rear seats. Bam, you have a hammock that’s a comfortable place to sleep. You’re floating above the porta-potty and 12-volt cooler that are the rest of your car camping gear. 

The idea came to founder Nicholas (Nick) Haycock after touring in a van and living a nomadic lifestyle. After some time doing that, the realities of modern life got him back into the “normal” work world and he sold the van. (What would Bob Wells say about that?)

Sad to put the nomadic lifestyle behind him, he came up with this product and put it on Indiegogo. Now you can sleep in your SUV more comfortably than ever with a simple product that takes less than 30 seconds to set up and then folds up nicely to fit in the glove box.


Tony Barthel has been a life-long RV enthusiast and travels part-time with his wife where they also produce a podcast, write about RVs and love the RV lifestyle.


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