Friday, December 9, 2022


Bass should have kept its big mouth shut



By Chuck Woodbury

I snapped this photo at Glimmerglass State Park on Lake Otsego near Cooperstown, NY. The bass had washed up on shore, dead as a dead bass can be. The fish made a big mistake when it tried to swallow a sunfish in one big gulp. It was either very greedy or just plain lazy, and it paid the supreme price. The sunfish didn’t fare any better.

The moral to this story, of course, is don’t bite off more than you can chew. Or don’t try to swallow a big fish whole.

I took this photo as I was leaving a picnic. Two guys were showing off the fishes to passersby. About an hour later as I drove away from Cooperstown I wished I had offered them $50 for the fish, packed them in ice, shipped them home and sold them to Ripley’s Believe it or Not. I think I could have fetched a good price.

You can post this photo on your own website or email it to your friends. As you can see, I put an ad for my website on the pic. So go ahead make the bass and the sunfish famous. And my website, too.

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Carol Erlingheuser
6 years ago

Always watched the Roy Rogers show, I had the biggest crush on him! One of my favorite playthings was a toy model of the Nelliebelle jeep with figures of Roy and company
Also, re: RV complaints, we bought a brand new Keystone Passport and the slide out leaked. Dealer had it for 2 weeks and claimed they fixed it. Well not only did they not fix it, but they had removed and not replaced the wood molding near the floor. My husband and son ended up locating and fixing the leak. Never did get the molding pieces back, despite several requests. Guess which dealer we won’t be returning to.