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Be careful what you put in your RV’s sewer tank



By Doug Swarts

Doug Swarts

Do you have a question regarding RV waste management? Email it to Doug at doug (at) or call him at 877-787-8833.

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RV Travel received this question via email from reader S.M. Jenkins:

“I read once again in this newsletter the admonition to not put anything down the RV toilet other than RV toilet paper and organic matter. My question: What about those who of necessity must occasionally use Tucks for medicinal reasons? Surely with all the baby boomers out there RVing someone can address this issue.” 

Dear S. M. Jenkins,
RVs as well as large boats are different from home septic systems because they have holding tanks that fill and need to be emptied. Solids that do not breakdown in water can accumulate in the RV’s holding tank and block the 3” outlet. Toilet paper of any kind breaks down in water, some slower than others (plain white paper is usually best). Special RV toilet paper is designed to break down quickly. Handy wipes including Tucks do NOT break down and should therefore never be put into an RV toilet.

RV parks across the country are having serious issues with their sewer systems because some RVers don’t know better and drop wipes, pads, and feminine hygiene products into their toilets. This issue has been in the headlines. An example:

Wipes in Pipes Snarling Systems

Recently a KOA park owner contacted me after spending $25,000 on his septic system because his customers were dumping wipes into their sewers. He hoped I could devise a ground fitting for each of his full hookup sites that would catch these troublemakers. Unfortunately, I was too busy with other projects to help him out.

The fact is RVing is different than living in a home and new habits must be learned. That said, even in home toilets, Tucks, pads and other items should not be put into toilets. Municipal waste systems are spending millions of dollars a year to deal with these items.

We adapted our boating experience policy when it came to potty usage on board our RV: If a product isn’t something we’d put in our mouths, it doesn’t go into the toilet (toilet paper would be an exception).

Doug Swarts is the owner of Drain Master of Hollister, California, which specializes in RV, marine and industrial waste management. He is the co-inventor of the Waste Master hose and the inventor of the Drain Master electric valve dumping system. He can be reached at doug (at) or at 877-787-8833.



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5 years ago

Jerry’s idea is great and IF you just have to put things down your RV toilet this is a much better alternative. Suzanne must have been a boater in a past life, as were we a few years ago. You need only to be down in the hull cleaning TP out the sewage pump to cure you from ever putting anything down the toilet. RVing like boating has its own set of “best practices”, not following them will sooner or later come back and bite you.
We are happy to help with any RV Waste Management issues, just contact us, phone 877 787 8833 Toll Free or email doug (at)

5 years ago

No need to ever drop one of these in the toilet. Wrap it with fresh toilet paper (or Kleenex) and dump in the garbage.

5 years ago

Tucks are just pads saturated with witch hazel. Just go to Walmart or any other drug store and buy a bottle of witch hazel and make your own pads with normal RV toilet paper. Work better than Tucks. I carry the travel pouches of Tucks or Prep H for use when shopping or outside the RV.

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