Saturday, December 3, 2022


Better pot and pan storage


By Jim Twamley


Imagine having an earthquake at your house for eight straight hours every few weeks. You would eventually learn to make adjustments after the earthquake. Well, that is exactly what happens in your RV every time you travel.

If it isn’t tied down it will fall, roll around and make a mess. This twisting and turning, the churning and shaking, all cause wear and tear on things that are secured in drawers like your pots and pans. If you store metal on metal it will cause abrasion and do things like wear off that nice T-fal non-stick coating on your expensive pans.

So, RVers have learned to pack these things to minimize the damage. Many RVers use the no-slide “Grip-It” shelf and drawer liner (note the liner in the photos). Not only is it good as a non-slip lining, but it is also a good separator for glassware. It is soft and spongy so it nicely absorbs the rattle of travel.

Some RVers use bubble wrap or dish towels to accomplish this. I wore off the non-stick coating on my last electric skillet by putting the lid upside down in it so the drawer would close. Now I put a rubber muffin pan in the skillet before I put the lid in place and it protects the non-stick lining of the skillet from abrasion.

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