Saturday, June 3, 2023


USB flash drives bring music to your RV or tow vehicle

By Russ and Tiña De Maris


Car and RV stereo systems are turning to newer digital methods of playing music. While CDs aren’t yet a thing of the past, you may find a USB flash drive connection on your stereo system. How can you bring “your” music to that flash drive port? It’s easy if you have music on your computer already.

1. Plug a USB flash drive into any open USB port on your laptop or desktop computer. Some flash drives have a light that will flash, indicating the drive has been found by your computer.

2. Search your computer for the music files you want to take with you. Windows users, click on the Windows icon down in the lower left corner of your screen and “search” by song title, artist or music format (MP3, AAC, etc.).  Apple users, use the Apple button with the F key to look for music.

3. Right-click on the file you want to copy over to your flash drive. Click “Copy” then open and navigate your way to the “removable disk” window. That window will have opened when you plugged the flash drive into your USB port. Click “Paste” and you’ll copy the music file to the USB drive. Repeat as you like.

Applers, use the Apple cut shortcut by clicking the Apple button and “C” key; Apple copy shortcut using the Apple button and the “V” key.

The most common acceptable music formats for mobile sound systems are MP3 and WMV files — check your owner’s manual for what formats your unit will accept.

Now you can plug your flash drive into your car or RV stereo and use the appropriate control to bring your music to your ears.

One more hint: If you’ve got MP3 songs and want them in a specific order, create a “playlist” or .m3u file, too.

photo: pioneer electronics


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