Thursday, March 30, 2023


BLM sand dunes RV safety video is dumb

By Chuck Woodbury

Do you have a few minutes to watch a video produced by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that purports to be about safety for RVers while recreating on public lands, specifically the sand dune areas of the Southwest?

Well, here’s your video. But you know what we think? We think this is more about how the Federal government can waste taxpayer dollars producing a boring, amateurish, crummy animated video on the subject. It was produced in 2010 and has less than 500 views, and I’ll bet two-thirds of those viewers went to sleep before they got to the end. Now how’s that for a good use of your tax dollars?




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5 years ago

Produced by BLM of Cali…hmm wonder why that State is going bankrupt. Sorry for you Cali residents…but need anymore be said? It’s actually very sad.

Sheridan J Ball
5 years ago

OMG What a ridiculous waste of time & money. Makes you want to follow the money. Who was “related” to this project and who got paid for what?

5 years ago

I didn’t finish the video. Guess that says it all.

However, as a workcamper volunteer for a well-known federal recreation/environmental agency, I would suggest that this could possibly have been an intern or volunteer project. I suggest this because of the following true story…

During our seasonal assignment at a federal tourist location, I discovered (quite by mistake) that the agency web site contained an app that in essence provide a self-guided driving tour of 10-12 local sites. I was told it had been a project of two college interns one summer. It was fairly well done and would have been a great idea….had it not been made for a cell phone platform while the area that visitors would be touring had no cell phone reception! Perhaps this is why it was well hidden on the web site?

Wayne Caldwell
5 years ago

That video aspirated better than my shop vac.

5 years ago

Chuck, I agree with you that this appears to be a waste of taxpayers money. There has to be a better way to communicate the intended message in an intelligent and more concise manner

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