Sunday, October 2, 2022


U.S. border delays may clip the wings of some Canadian snowbirds

The continued closure of the U.S. side of the border is forcing some Canadian snowbirds to rethink their winter plans.

Canadian campground owners along the coast of British Columbia are being barraged by calls from anxious Canadian full-time RVers, all anxious to find an open-all-year campground for the winter months.

The panic was triggered when U.S. officials announced this week that the U.S. border with Canada would remain closed until at least October 21.

“Phones started to ring yesterday and people who had been holding off were more panic-stricken, asking, ‘Do you have a place?’” Marilyn Stone, owner of Fort Camping RV Sites in Fort Langley, B.C., told the Toronto Sun recently. “They don’t want to go over the mountains with their big rigs (that late). There are the (Rockies), but also mountains going down to the U.S. wherever they go, to Arizona or Texas.”

She said, “Last year, we were definitely packed to the gills for the winter. It’s looking like it could be the same for sure.”

It appears Canadian RVers are less than willing to risk early snowstorms during a long, late trip to Florida, South Texas, and Arizona in November and December.

The good news for U.S.-based snowbirds is that there may be some last-minute cancellations for extended stays at snowbird-friendly campgrounds down south.



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1 year ago

If the Canadians really want in they just need to go to Mexico and come through that way. They would then be given all kinds of free stuff and eventually amnesty.

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