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Do you buy special “RV” toilet paper for your RV bathroom?


Do you use special toilet paper that is labeled for use in RVs (or boats)? Or do you simply buy the cheapest brand at your local supermarket? The special RV toilet paper typically costs double or triple what a cheap roll would cost at Walmart or Costco. So what’s your choice?
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4 years ago

Use Scott 1000 septic safe. Never a problem. The problem is the design of black tank, with a shelf below the toilet valve that fecal matter lays on even with adding much more water to bowl than needed or even recommended by toilet manufacturer. Dumb designs lead to stupid problems.

4 years ago

After doing a 2-ply TP break down test, we found that Camco broke down the fastest with the most complete separation of fibers. Though more expensive, we are happy with this product.

Jim S
4 years ago

At first we used the special RV stuff, but for the last 10 years have been using whatever breaks down fast. Sam’s Club’s own brand is best. Very soft and disintegrates in a few minutes. And very inexpensive if you can store it it share with friends.
Any butt wipes would go into cheap store brand zip seal sandwich bags and go into the trash can.
We never had any problems.
Now that we have a bidet seat at home, I will definitely put one in our next RV. We just sold our Dutch Star after 12 wonderful years. Kinda sad, but time to downsize.

4 years ago

Scott 1000 works just fine. Been using it for years. Last longer, cost less.

Terry W
4 years ago

We’ve used Scott “septic safe” TP for the past 13 years and have never had a problem. It is easy to find at Walmart (etc.) and not expensive.

4 years ago

For us all paper goes in a trash sack and disposed into trash containers where ever we are. We do the same at home with our aging septic system and burn trash often.

4 years ago

This is a misleading poll. I don’t waste money on RV branded TP but do use TP that meets the same “standards” as others have mentioned.

4 years ago

AngelSoft, exclusively for many years. First trip only had used RV paper that came with rig. Do not like tissue that dissolves on contact! Men have little issues with tougher paper such as Scott’s, women after certain age cannot tolerate it. We settled on AngelSoft, watch for sales to stock up at home & while traveling, esp sales in tax-free states! Found that the tall, slim 12mega roll=48 reg roll pack sits quite well on the closet side (and stabilizes our Sterilite 3-drawer container) can stack 2, and still hang clothes .
—agree with some who utilize waste baskets for used paper, esp. helpful while boondocking to lessen volume in black tank– everywhere there are trash cans, many places do not have dump facilities! Unsanitary? If you leave it open to air, yes; if you line the basket, then use a second liner bag to close after each use, and discard daily & as needed, being careful to not contaminate while discarding—perfectly sanitary. Still have to wash hands, any way you dispose of paper! And no difference from changing baby diapers and discarding tissue/wipes into trash cans…

John Mattus
4 years ago

About 15 years ago we attended a seminar on black water tanks and toilet paper put on by Camping World. It was a “blind test” and the Costco brand beat out everyone. Have used it exclusively since with no problems.

4 years ago
Reply to  John Mattus

be careful Costco has changed the paper and it does not dissolve as well as it use to. Always do the “paper in the jar” test to be sure it will dissolve.

4 years ago

Answered no but use septic tank safe TP, Angel Soft or RV TP from Camping World, Amazon, or WalMart.

4 years ago

Been using Angel Soft for 13 years in 4 different rigs, all full timing. Dissolves completely in less than 1 day. Avoid Cottonelle as it contains fibers that don’t break down.

Patti L
4 years ago

Have used 1 plys for years and never a problem, let the tank get to at least 3/4 before emptying and used the in-tank cleaner.

Michael McCracken
4 years ago

Scott 1000 septic tank toilet paper. I have used it for years and absolutely no problem. It is cheap and effective. I drive a 31′ motorhome full-tune,

Earl Balentine
4 years ago

I personally have tested over 30 brands of toilet paper for the RV. I won’t go into the details how I tested but is was consistent, same amount of water, water temperature, number of shakes, time in water etc.
What I have found is just because the TP says it’s septic tank safe doesn’t mean so. I have tested the cheapest TP and the most costly, softest vs hardest.
The main point was how fast and easy does the TP break down. I found TP that was RV are rated, septic tank safe and the home use brands.
I found some TP would disintegrate in just a few minutes into tiny little particles. Other TP was totally intact and did not desolve at all.
For a quick test of your favorite TP, just take 2 square sheets and drop them inside a one quart container with water from your outside spigot (no software) and then give the container 2 shakes and let set for 5 minutes and then shake 2 more times.
What does the TP look like now? is it all clumped together still intact or is it in little tiny pieces?
You want the TP broken up in little tiny pieces so it doesn’t stick to your sensors or clog your dumping valve.

4 years ago
Reply to  Earl Balentine

What brand do you use from all of your testing?


4 years ago

I buy RV paper from Walmart, and it is used to line toilet for # 2.
It saves water when flushing, and no debris left in bowl.
Wiping paper is Charmin, and goes in waste basket. When Walmart bag is half full, to the trash, and no smells at this point.

Jackie Baney
4 years ago

We use Charmin septic safe and never had problems.

Doug Renken
4 years ago

As a mobile RV Service we see our share of black tank problems. We are starting to see cases of people using the TP cleaning wipes (which are septic safe) being flushed. They don’t desolve as quickly as even regular TP. As regarding regular TP and you want something thicker, Scott’s makes a thicker 1-ply and Aqua-Soft makes a 2-ply. Both can be ordered from Amazon (be sure to use the RV Travel link) also be sure you have enough liquid in your black tank.

4 years ago
Reply to  Doug Renken

Fill bowl 1/3-1/2 with water before use and will have no issues that require lining!

–the septic safe wipes, just like flushable diapers, clog the campground pipes—we do not use any of those items regularly but if we did we would not flush them.

4 years ago

Scott toilet paper [original thin] is great. Have had Charmin get stuck on several occasions. Never had a problem since. Scott is much cheaper than special RV toilet paper.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

For 20 years we never bothered with the “thin as onion skin” TP because you end up using more of it to make up for the thinness. But now that we’re retired and boondocking most of the time we’ve switched to the almost see-through “RV” paper to insure no problems. Not sure about the “no problem” aspect during actual use (ahem), but we’ve not had any tank problems.

Everyone has their little secrets on this topic, and so do we . . .

Buster Monasmith
4 years ago

I have been RVing since 1966, and have always used TP that is septic tank safe with no problem. A word of caution, do not put a liquid detergent in your holding tank, it will build up in the bottom of your holding tank, and make a real mess to clean out.

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