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Meet Marian, the 92-year-old RVing adventurer

I had to look up “nonagenarian.” I’d wondered what name was given to a person in their nineties, and I found out it was nonagenarian. I’m still not sure if I pronounce the word correctly, but the way I say it, it rhymes with Marian. A happy coincidence, I think. Marian certainly qualifies as a nonagenarian. At 92, she and her husband, Ed, (still an “octogenarian” at age 88) continue to travel the country. They’ve been RVing for 10+ years and have big plans for the years to come.

Marian and Ed see the country through the windshield of their 2020 Ford Class B. “We traded in our last RV ‘cause it was getting too hard for Ed to climb up and into the overhead bed,” Marian explained. “This coach suits me better, too.”

Humble beginnings

I got to know Marian during our daily morning walks. She enjoyed talking about her life, her jobs, and the many adventures the couple have experienced during their travels.

Marian was born to sharecroppers and spent much of her early days “following the harvest, from south to north.” Both of her parents worked hard and were eventually able to buy a small home in Mississippi. Marian attended high school there and then began work in a seamstress shop. “My mom made all my clothes, and she taught me to sew,” Marian explained. “It seemed like a good job. My dad called it ‘honest work.’” She married Ed when he graduated from high school a few years later and he went to work in his dad’s machine shop.

Biggest disappointment

Marian confided that she didn’t have many disappointments in her long life. Just one. She and Ed were unable to have children. She shrugs off her emotions now, but admits, “It was a big blow to us. We always wanted to have children of our own, but it never worked out.”

A fast pace

You might think that walking with a 92-year-old gal would be a slow and relaxing amble. Not so! At least, not if you’re walking with Marian. She sets a fast pace, pumping her arms as if her life depends on it. “Ed has a hard time keeping up,” she grins. “I gotta’ prod him along most days.”

Why RV?

That was the question I asked Marian one day. “Why go on the road now?” I wanted to know. She increased her pace as if pushed on by determination. “Why not?” she retorted. “I’m not getting any younger and neither is Ed.” Marian went on to say, “Ed’s nephew got it in his head that we needed to go to a home. You know, a place for those old people. We refused. I wasn’t going to go away, hole up, and die. Not when there’s so much living left to do!” Makes sense to me.

“So,” Marian continued. “We sold our house and bought our first RV. We’ve not looked back.” She and Ed check in frequently with family, though many of their siblings have since passed on. Marian stopped and stood still. She put her hand on my arm. “We had to make the best choice for us.” I could tell by her almost-pleading demeanor that their decision had been seriously questioned by their extended family—and perhaps still is. “You understand, don’t you?” she wanted to know.

Happy for now

Suddenly realizing she was standing still, Marian quickly turned to resume her pace. “We’re happy for now,” she explained. “And isn’t this country beautiful? Have you seen the Rocky Mountains yet? We’re headed back there next week!” She smiled just thinking about it.

As Marian smiled, I puffed alongside her. I’d miss our walks, I thought. I’d miss Marian’s upbeat attitude, her sense of childlike wonder, and her adventuring spirit, too. I want to be 92 and still loving the RV life! How about you?

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Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.


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Sharon Weekley
13 days ago

What a great story! You just don’t hear enough about couples in their golden years enjoying life and adventures together. God Bless Them!

SoCal Poboy
14 days ago

We are all living longer and new records will be set every year.
I’m going to enjoy every day and try not to worry about my chronological “age “. I feel good and I’m shooting for 120.
I’ll quit adventuring when I’m not capable of doing it safely.
Live long and prosper!🤞

14 days ago

I agree with Marian. I want to be 92 and enjoying my RV. Way to go Marian and all those other “Marians”!

Gary Yoder
14 days ago

Awesome story of Love, Life, and Companionship. Life is short, and no one knows when it will end, so it’s inspirational to hear this story and realize life is what we make of it.

Wayne Caldwell
14 days ago

As Toby Keith said in his song, “Don’t let the old man (or woman) in”, and also asks,” How old would you be if you didn’t know the day you were born?”. I turned 72 about 3 months ago but, overall, feel maybe my mid-50s. Sounds like Marian is much younger than her 92 years.

Bob Wood
14 days ago

Great story! Would love to meet her on the road one day.

14 days ago

She is an inspiration and the LAST thing she needs is to be in a da*n home somewhere…she is not only alive, but living. Good for her!

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