Friday, July 1, 2022


Campground Views offers sneak peeks at places to stay

With more than 61 million U.S. households expected to camp this summer, according to the KOA 2022 Camping Report, is offering campers unprecedented access to view 16,000 U.S. campgrounds online to make trip planning easier. With’s proprietary 360-degree virtual tours and searchable database, campers now have a comprehensive tool to find and view all campsites in a campground virtually before making a reservation.

“Finding the right campsite, especially in popular areas near National Parks or other hotspots, can often be the most challenging part of the camping experience because you don’t know if you’ll be next to a dumpster or bathroom, or what the view might look like,” said Mark Koep, founder and CEO of

“Our growing database with virtual tours of 875 campgrounds across the country helps campers find available sites and preview the campground before reserving. Campers love our virtual tours because they offer the unique ability to see the whole site before arriving so they can make informed decisions about where they want to stay and what to expect when they get there.”

Despite rising costs in 2022, two-thirds of survey participants from a recent Snap survey of 18,000 registered members said their camping plans will remain the same this year. Of the one-third whose plans will change, 70% indicated they will change the distances they will travel, with 20% saying they will adjust the price they are willing to pay for campsites. is a fully responsive, mobile-friendly design that works well on a phone or computer. Users can easily search the database of 16,000 campgrounds for free, with member access required for viewing of the company’s proprietary, industry-leading software showcasing 360-degree virtual tours of campgrounds. Learn more by visiting the CampgroundViews website. The video below offers a good overview of the service.

SOURCE: Campground Views news release. (Full disclosure: is an advertiser).



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1 month ago

I bought a membership and I have yet to use it. Even though they say they have 16,000 campgrounds (maybe they mean campsites) I haven’t been able to find a virtual tour for any of the campgrounds I would like to stay at. It takes forever for the videos to load for some reason. I wish it was better.

1 month ago

Campground view tool seems good but issue is a lot of rv parks assign you to a spot based on their status – no choice is possible by camper

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