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Camping at this Montana campground was a pleasant surprise


Downstream Campground near Fort Peck, Montana, is a great out-of-the-way campground right on the banks of the Missouri River. When we turned off Hwy. 2 onto a smaller road and the sign said eleven miles, I was beginning to doubt my trip scheduling. It had been a long day of driving through North Dakota and I knew my husband was tired.

Downstream Campground sites

We checked in with one of the friendly camp hosts and proceeded to our amazing site. There was no one next to us, just a magnificent view. Before us was marshland, the Missouri River, and the Fort Peck Dam. The sites have 30-amp and 50-amp electric with a water fill and dump station available. We had 30-amp, which blew a few times—can’t use the microwave and husband’s CPAP at the same time. So we semi-boondocked and kept our electric consumption low and were fine.

Cooking the old-fashioned way

I will admit that I picked up a can of soup for lunch and for a moment was disoriented when I realized I couldn’t use the microwave. It then dawned on me that we have a gas stove and the old-fashioned way in a pot would work! I turned off the electric water heater and boiled water the old-fashioned way too.

Hiking and bike paths

Besides the peace and huge campsites at Downstream Campground, the wide, well-kept asphalt hiking and bike paths that wind through the park take it a step above. We walked to the dam and the interpretive center. It was easy to meander next to marshes, small ponds and over a small wooden bridge as we made our way back.

A bridge at Downstream Campground

Fort Peck Dam

The dam diverting the Missouri River began work in the 1930s and created a boom town at Fort Peck. Originally intended just to divert the river through four massive underground tunnels, it now produces enough electric power for 400,000 Montana homes.

Downstream Campground: Where the price is right

At $25 a night and only $12.50 with the senior pass, it was a deal. Especially because we have been paying anywhere from $40—$60 a night crossing the country. I won’t even mention the cost of a stay at the KOA at Glacier National Park… Actually, I will. Read about that experience here.

Find more information or to book a site at Downstream Campground on here.


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2 months ago

I haven’t found a spot to comment on the ads on the side, so here I go.
I usually just ignore them and I know they enable you to get some $$$ to keep sending us a swell information site.
Tonight I noticed a picture of some Cobbler, I clicked on it, a recipe site. As usual no cobbler, but pork chops showed up. Looking tasty!
I then checked it out, the required items, I have everything except the chops. I will pick some up next time I hit town.
Being retired & widowed and with my best pal-roomie with 4 paws and meows, he’s not interested.
So thanks, keep the recipes showing up.
A positive comment, eh?

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 months ago
Reply to  UpriverJouce

Hi, David aka UpriverJouce. Thanks for your comment about recipes. That’s funny that you clicked on the cobbler photo but it came up pork chops. Yum! But you say your “best pal-roomie with 4 paws” isn’t interested. I’ll bet you anything he would be interested in pork chops. Just sayin’. 😆 BTW – We post a Recipe of the day in our RV Daily Tips newsletters Monday through Friday, as well as the two weekend newsletters, in addition to the recipes that are in the right-hand column. The recipes sometimes make me drool on my keyboard when I’m proofing the newsletters. (Just kidding. But they do look yummy!) Also, when you want to comment on anything in general, you can just comment under a current newsletter. But if it’s about a specific article, then you can just comment under that. Actually, you can comment anywhere you feel like, but more readers will see your general-type comments if they’re under a current newsletter. Have a good night. 😀 –Diane

Susan S.
2 months ago

When we lived in SE Montana for many years, we visited Fort Peck Dam which was one of three places we camped at every summer. We had the use of an A-frame cabin for several years which belonged to one of my hubby’s cousins that was primitive (no AC, electric, indoor running water, or indoor bathroom). When the cabin was sold, we bought a Club Cab pickup and overhead camper to take our family of 5 camping. While the pickup had AC there was no AC, electric, indoor running water, or indoor bathroom in the camper itself. Someone else would bring a boat so we could go out fishing or waterskiing in the heat of the day. We didn’t have cell phones or Internet so we entertained ourselves with card games and board games especially on rainy days. Pretty simple. We have so many wonderful memories of our camping trips there. Although, we have been gone from SE Montana for 16 years, we’d love to travel back there and visit Downstream Campground to revisit the peace and quiet of SE Montana.

Last edited 2 months ago by Susan S.
Sherry B.
2 months ago

We stayed there summer 2021 for 1 week and absolutely loved it. Sites were great, had no problem with 50amp and my DH loved the fishing!

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