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Ladies: An easy, foolproof, affordable way to color your hair while RVing

Many of us weren’t born with the allure of Jamie Lee Curtis in her stunning “au natural” gray. It compliments her complexion. She’s lucky. Most of us aren’t. Like many of us, as my gray began to emerge, my hairstylist recommended simple highlighting.

As the years ticked on and gray became more prevalent, it was time for more color, more highlights, and more often. Now I’m hooked and I can’t turn the clock back.

Decades too late

I’ve since chided myself that I let the stylists persuade me into coloring in the first place. My Danish ethnicity favors ash-blonde hair on the cool side. It’s been an uphill battle ever since to maintain my natural-looking color! Want complications? Try locating a new stylist that isn’t colorblind or scissor-happy that you’d gladly go back to see. More likely, the inevitable occurs as you gaze in the mirror watching the racing stripe appear. It’s just a matter of time before you react.

The disastrous off-the-shelf experiment imploded for under $10.

You can have salon color while you travel

The first DIY root touch-up with off-the-shelf light ash-blonde color was a disaster. After querying a friend, I decided to trial eSalon’s personalized hair color kit. I emailed eSalon first and after their informative response, I followed up with a meet-and-greet telephone call prior to setting up my personal profile, including the formulation given by my last colorist, and uploaded a picture. Additionally, I noted that my hair also required toning to eliminate the brassiness. After a consultation, I ordered my customized kit.

Delivered via U.S. mail service.

Personalized instructions included

As I unpacked my kit, I was impressed with the components. The box stuff you buy off-the-shelf doesn’t compare. This kit includes a stain protector and remover for your face and neck (if you’re sloppy), two pairs of gloves, special shampoo and conditioner.

Peruse their website for more information: Custom Home Hair Color, Delivered to You | eSalon

And for me, there is a toning tint for the elimination of brassiness I am to use intermittently. eSalon provided instructions that I taped to the wall for ease of use.

Thank goodness for gloves!

Color me purple!

Yeah, that’s me, gooey purple and all. And now that I’ve completed the first trial regimen, I will happily color my roots more often and save a ton of money. As I travel, eSalon will mail each kit to the RV campground of my choosing, at a date I specify. Their follow-up has been exceptional and I have since chatted with two colorists to ensure my profile states to wait for the next address change prior to shipping.

At least my hair color finally matches the natural color of my eyebrows.

I’m a believer. It worked for me.

So far, I am duly impressed with their products. I may endeavor to highlight a few strands next time. But, for the money, I couldn’t come close to comparing the cost to visiting a salon. I saved well over $100 and spent less than $40 including the toner. Now, if I could only cut my own hair. Darn!

You can start personalizing your own kit here.

P.S. If you don’t have a cape, you can cut a plastic garbage bag and use it as a cape to protect your clothes. They also sell a myriad of products to strengthen and improve the health of your hair.




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Diane Mc (@guest_216018)
11 months ago

First, I still color at 73 because I have very fine hair and the color gives it body which makes it easier to style. I’m sure at some point I will go gray. Not there yet. I tried salons on the road. Even brought the color. (All stylists I’ve had buy the color they use for me). I had shorter hair (than now) and only needed to use half a tube. Explained that to stylist and she used whole tube. At another made sure stylist saw I had an asymmetrical cut. Of course she started chopping off the other side. We are gone about 6 to 8 weeks on one trip so just let it grow out. My husband does the roots. He’s a saint.

Skip (@guest_215986)
11 months ago

Ladies I don’t thinks it’s colour but all about style, style, style. I think more comments are about your style in which your hair is. You’re making the comment on your color in conversation don’t. Holds true for makeup.

Catherine (@guest_215971)
11 months ago

Many campgrounds ask that you not color your hair in the bathrooms…it can make a mess, and stain the counter or sink. Everyone needs to respect that request.
At 60 years old, I still had long hair I colored, for 20+ years, every 3 weeks, with medium brown, and didn’t think I was ready to go grey. But camping for several months made me hate the large streak of grey. A one time trip to a salon to remove the color…I walked out with a lovely light blonde, which allowed the grey to not be dominant. I had no idea what the grey would be like, but I have to say it’s beautiful. My long hair is a beautiful white with grey highlights, I get so many compliments.

Wanda Henning (@guest_190312)
1 year ago

I colored my hair on the road for 5 years then said “Enough”! Not wanting to wait out the grow-out, I went to Sally Beauty Supply and got a color lift product. I used it and it lifted out some of the color (my hair was dark brown). I repeated the process every other week for 3 more treatments. The end result was amazing. That was 3 years ago and my new natural hair color is beautiful. I get more compliments now than I have my entire life. Women pay hundreds at salons to get the color hair I have. No more coloring is freedom.

Beachcamper (@guest_140961)
2 years ago

My sister stayed with us while on our 6 month trip out west. Campground bathrooms won’t allow hair color dyes in showers for the most part. Maybe you will get lucky and find some that do. I would not let her do the hair color in our RV bathroom either.

Angelack (@guest_140140)
2 years ago

I’ve been using over-the-counter box dye for many, many years. It turns out fine. Pretty easy and cheap. However, I do go blonder so I think that is different than going darker. When I get more gray growing in, I will stop coloring. Looking forward to it, but I can’t make the jump just yet.

Linda (@guest_140133)
2 years ago

A good friend is a retired stylist. She helped me find a color close to my natural one (blond) and then taught my amazing husband how to apply the color. My long, fine hair makes it difficult (if not impossible) to color myself. Now my friend picks up a supply of color for me once or twice a year and my hubby does the touch ups as needed. I get one haircut a year from a stylist I know and trust and keep the gray at bay. Blonds rarely have “pretty” gray hair. And short hair requires regular trims. Now I can enjoy the travels without feeling too much like an old hag! 😉

Lois (@guest_140093)
2 years ago

Amazing information. 👏. Sticking with silver. (4) shades. I like the idea of custom. It is impossible to get a good haircut on the road. Braids work better. Does anyone know what a trim Is anymore?

Pursuits (@guest_140427)
2 years ago
Reply to  Lois

So true. You either get scalped or are left wondering if they actually cut anything off!? Surely there could be some kind of standard…like a ruler maybe?

Kamwick (@guest_140052)
2 years ago

Long ago gave up on having a good hair color job. Highlights are colors were always just a little ‘off’. Decided to embrace the mouse brown, and now, after chemo, the grey pixie with ‘chemo curls’. Lots cheaper, too 😉

That said, I’ve heard good things about this hair color, and am glad the author found a solution that fits her. More power to those who can.

Susan J Lundquist (@guest_140838)
2 years ago
Reply to  Kamwick

The curls are the reward…. My curls were too short lived. Had the absolute best drivers license photo ever when my hair was about 3″ long and professionally trimmed. Unfortunately, it returned to coming in straight and very fine after about 6 months. Still wear it in a pony tail (albeit with wisps like a mad scientist’s hair sticking out at a 90 degree angle by day’s end).

James Dumas (@guest_139996)
2 years ago

Why do you show a pic of Jamie Lee Curtis, She’s got short Gray hair? Why don’t you show an Dark-haired woman covering her Gray hair?

Philip D Space (@guest_140036)
2 years ago
Reply to  James Dumas

Did you read the first paragraph? It clearly indicates why the photo of JLC.

RenMan (@guest_139993)
2 years ago

As the son of a beautician (the old fashioned term) who was determined to stay a red head no matter how many bottles of dye it took and was too stubborn to go to a salon – isn’t that what children are for? Teach them to do it for you! Yes, I can do perms and dye jobs)……

I learned one important thing about women and their hair.

Unless you are going to compliment them, SHHHHHHHHHHH! (Even if she decides to put a pink rinse in the gray and then give Fi-Fi, her little white poodle a matching tint job).

It is not another person’s, especially a man’s unless he is a stylist, to critique a woman’s hair.

Compliment or be silent.

wanderer (@guest_139947)
2 years ago

A little appalled at the naysayers. Guys, this article wasn’t for you, there was no need to even click on it. Kate, good for you for finding a solution you like. If natural isn’t working for you, don’t go around looking and feeling mousy if you don’t have to!

jorn (@guest_140039)
2 years ago
Reply to  wanderer

Why can’t this article be for everybody/anybody??

Richard Hughes (@guest_139946)
2 years ago

The RV Park we are currently staying at had to post a sign in their restrooms, “No hair dying or coloring! Even temporary colors!”

Dan (@guest_139926)
2 years ago

I have to ask, is this an advertisement in disguise? Regardless, just be happy if your scalp still connects your forehead to the back of your neck. I spent several bald months due to chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. It took me about a day to get over being bald. Same for the gray and white hair that I have now. And I love my wife’s beautiful long blonde and gray hair. There are so many people out there trying to hang on to their youth by coloring their hair and thinking they are fooling other people. They’re not. Makes me want to color my hair blue or green or orange.

Kaye Green (@guest_139906)
2 years ago

Not sure I like all those chemicals in my holding tank and some camp sights wont allow you to color your hair either. I used the lockdown as a perfect excuse to let my hair go natural and I’m glad I did. I found a hairdresser who was able to blend in the old red to the new grey and white. Turns out I have some great natural highlights. If we travel to enjoy nature, why not be part of it?

Steve (@guest_139898)
2 years ago

Easiest way. Don’t. My DW let hers go natural and she’s lovely. And she gets so many compliments. She’s so smart.

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