Monday, September 26, 2022


Couple hopes to bring back Conestoga wagons for “glam” camping

The big deal these days in camping is “glamping,” which means glamorous camping — in other words, holing up in very “comfy” digs.

A Lecompton, Kansas, couple hopes to capitalize on the trend by building campground accommodations that look and feel like authentic, full-sized Conestoga wagons, the ones that crossed America for more than a hundred years, carrying settlers West.

Once considered the best way to navigate the grasslands and wild rivers, Conestoga wagons are now gone. But their magic remains, and Dennis and Donna Steinman are out to populate America again with their luxury reproductions of the “RVs” of yesterday.

Their company, PlainsCraft Conestoga Wagons, is about to ship its first two creations to a campground in Oklahoma. The wagons are available as basic units, fully-furnished experiences, or anything in between. “They are like sleeping in a motel room,” said Donna Steinman.

If you have a campground or know someone who does, a Conestoga wagon might be a pretty cool accommodation to offer guests. Information is here.


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C. Walker
3 years ago

The pioneers didn’t use the Conestoga wagons. They were too big and heavy. We just recently learned that at the Oregon Trail Interpretative Center in Baker City Oregon.

John T
3 years ago
Reply to  C. Walker

That is correct. Conestogas were heavy freight wagons. Migrant wagons were short and typically 4 ft wide.

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago

I’m sure a windy night would be a wild experience! Good luck to them!

3 years ago

looks really cool, but I wonder about upkeep. Could be daunting

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