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Customize your RV’s interior to fit your lifestyle. Here are some examples

This is the second installment in a customizing series focusing on custom and functional cabinetry. Hopefully it inspires you to update your own rig!

In our last column, we looked at LED lighting fixtures and accent ceiling molding. Today we’ll take a look at customized entertainment centers, televators, and hidden fireplace storage.

Customized entertainment center and televator

This full-timer desired to replace a second sofa with a more utilitarian entertainment center to house their private collection of music.

Working with the cabinet makers that support Tiffin Motorhomes, Nathan Davidson of Davidson RV incorporated the television that was previously located in the front of the motorcoach into this televator/entertainment center in this 2013 Allegro Bus. This televator/entertainment center was designed around the existing window. It offers plenty of light when traveling or when the television is not in use.

The cabinet doors had yet to be installed showing plenty of storage capacity for a music collection. The upper and lower cabinets offer adjustable shelving.

A dinette televator

The owner of the below 2014 Tiffin Open Road moved the television previously positioned in the front of their coach into a custom televator incorporated into his pull-out dining table. Did they lose storage space? No! There are now two storage cabinets where the TV used to hang in the front of the coach. Nifty! Plus, they identically match the original cabinetry throughout.

The storage space that was forfeited by the televator was replaced with cabinets in the middle front where the television originally was installed. They actually gained storage space.

Popcorn anyone? It’s movie time!

Theater seating with expanded end cabinet for gadgets.

This owner replaced their sofa with theater seating. The duo seats and console were shorter in overall length than their previous sofa. So they expanded their slide’s side cabinet to fill the void creating more storage for remotes, gadgets and whatever the owners desired. (Or popcorn!)

What’s for dinner?

This same owner replaced the dishwasher with two pullout spice/pantry racks for additional cooking supplies. If you don’t use your dishwasher, this is a great idea for proximity use.

A cabinet behind a fireplace?

Note how slim the depth of this fireplace is.

There is a large selection of slim electric fireplaces you can acquire for the main salon or bedroom. This owner incorporated a slim fireplace within a cabinet for additional storage, yet warmth for those chilly nights. Mesmerizing, yet practical. Regardless of your RV model, these upgrades and customizations are not difficult tasks to accomplish to better fit your lifestyle.

Have you done any customizations like these in your RV? What ideas inspire you? Tell us in the comments below or send us photos of your remodel here. We’d love to see or hear about what you’ve done! Thanks!

Read our last column on RV customizations here.



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6 months ago

We are having a credenza-table-cabinet unit built for our Class C. Can you reveal the source for the slim-profile fireplace? Love the ingenuity of fellow RVers!

Dan Rucker
6 months ago

We had a bunkhouse with the bunks being in a second room. We removed the bunks, put in clothes rack rods, and made a nice walk-in closet.

6 months ago

Wow! Amazing. Has me looking around our motorhome for changes we could make.