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How would you describe the condition of your RV?


Is your RV the mechanized equivalent of a well-trained athlete — in superb condition? Or is it kinda like a seasoned couch potato — not in such good shape? So what is it? Is it a magnificent piece of workmanship? Or maybe not quite so spectacular?

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Joel Vinson
4 years ago

Our 2015 Keystone Cougar TT has been interesting, I rated ours at good. The “bumper to bumper” warranty is a joke at best. I’ve upgraded the absolute horrible drawers to something that will actually hold our stuff, replaced the China pops with Goodyear Endurance, replaced the seemingly underrated rear axle with a 6K axel (I still don’t have any idea how I managed to bend the original), upgraded the “just get it out the door” rear light wiring, have had to take it back to the factory to get the WHOLE floor replaced (due to bad spongyness (I’m not sure that’s a word, but it is now). BUT, I’d have to say when it’s right we love it and have had the best time with it. Having said that, this is our first and last Keystone.

Rory Roberts
4 years ago

I must give our 2015 Newmar Mountain Aire a Very good. I would give it an excellent, but my expectations were colored by all the articles and videos I watched prior to making my purchase, that complained about all the expensive repairs I would have to make. I bought new 2 1/2 yrs ago, and so far other then annual maintenance, I have only had to replace a busted A/C case ( my fault), a low hanging branch jumped out and wacked it while I was backing into a campsite. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but so far it hasn’t. So very good, I don’t want to jinx myself…….

John m
4 years ago

Ours is a new 2018 leprechaun by forest river. Only two thousand miles not really used enough to give fair rating

Linda Hanney
5 years ago

We have owned our 2003 Pleasure Way Excel RD for five years and as it sets right now, is in excellent condition. The previous original owner kept all receipts of upkeep. However, one should not expect to own a 14-year-old unit without expenses, which all seemed to hit this past summer. The original excellent workmanship in this brand, the fact that it only has 70,000 plus miles and the DIY changes in the interior, we decided the investment of over $3,000 in the generator, tires, batteries and rewiring the entire undercarriage (with the help of No Shock Zone RV Electrical Safety book by Michael Sokol by the way) was worth the time and investment.

5 years ago

We have a 2007 Hurricane 34B with three slideouts and we gave it a very good rating. It’s not perfect but what is? First we replaced the two heavy analog tv’s with flat screens and viola, instant storage. The microwave had to be replaced, but the new one has more features. The disappointment occurred when I discovered not one but four lower storage compartments separated from the frame. The cause was the screws barely reached the metal brace. (Factory!) With the weight of “items” and vibration they needed proper reinforcement which was accomplished by a little jacking and and good nuts and bolts, which I did. All three slideout seals were replaced through the dealers warranty. We feel confident that this New Year will give us good travels.

5 years ago

We have a 2007 Forest River Sunseeker. We bought it used from a woman who had kept it in immaculate condition. We rent it out for about 90 days each year and keep it in excellent shape so the renters do the same.

5 years ago

I own a 2005 pleasure way excel,hopefully other class b folk will respond,rated mine excellent for reasons of sinking lots of cash in unit,build quality is good,being my first rv have learned quickly if your not a handyman you better have handy cash available as rv shops charge more than automobile dealerships and than the cost of engine maintenance being paid regardless of use of the rv,not to sound bitter,however working full time leaves little time to enjoy unit,must say now should have deferred my purchase till retirement,oh brother,sorry bout the rant????

DL Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  RONALD

Hee. Hee. I can appreciate your rant, Ronald. We have a 2016 Airstream Interstate Grand Tour. This, too, is our first RV and we have found your dictum of “be a handyman or have handy cash” to be sadly true. We also wish we had waited until we were fully retired but try to take it out at least once a month for a weekend.

5 years ago

I would rate our Class C 2003 Winnebago Minnie 29ft as ‘Very Good”. We have replaced the toilet, a faucet and the microwave (recalled). We replaced the J couch, which was showing wear, with a new one. Some caulking needs to be replaced every few years. We have been quite pleased with the durability and comfort of our Minnie. Winnebago made a winner!

Ann Conklin
5 years ago

We own a 2004 Born Free. We have had great luck with appliances, motor and furnishings. This month we are having a fiberglass repair over driver door where a small crack has appeared. Only weak point has been the latches on the cabinet doors/drawers. Our unit has always had a mysterious squeak when starting out. Born Free closed its doors in May. We have appreciated the fine materials and workmanship in the construction of the Born Free.

5 years ago

Our 2000 Dutchstar is in very good condition we have had to replace the fridge all other equipment is original and working fine. The one on going problem is the dash air will not hold a charge. We run the generator and roof air when needed

5 years ago

I use my Nu Wa (3 slides) 5th wheel full time now, cosmetically it’s showing it’s age, (A ’96) but all of it’s components are working as they should, only the furnace has been serviced twice and the plumbing has sprung minor leaks due to too much water pressure from hook ups. Oh and I replaced the toilet last year. All in all, a good rig.

5 years ago

Mine is good, I follow the practice of Run she must and Shine she may. Having limited mobility I focus my efforts on the mechanical side of my 1995 Diesel Pusher and don’t worry about the cosmetics. I would love an immaculate looking coach, it just isn’t going to happen and I really don’t care what people think.

4 years ago
Reply to  Ed

Ed, the only difference between those who have the “bling” of RV’s, is how good they feel about themselves when they drive in. I understand you do the same thing in a tent camper, that you do in a 45′ immaculate coach!

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY
5 years ago

We rated the condition of our 2015 Holiday Rambler Ambassador Class A diesel pusher as excellent because Holiday Rambler has followed through with all warranty repairs and extended our warranty out to 3 years on the whole unit and 6 years on the electrical. Yes we have had some major problems, But each year we have taken our rig back to the factory for major repairs, the work has been completed and the factory has warrantied their work. If you have problems with a new unit or one that is still under warranty, take that extra step and contact your manufacturers Customer Relations and work out all the details to your satisfaction. We did and are very satisfied.

J French
5 years ago

Mine is a 2015 Jayco 32′ & used an average of 1 week at a time per month.
Its condition now is an upgrade over new with the exception of the electric awning which experiences normal wear.
Being retired & as a hobby restore antique vehicles, I perform myself all maintenance & upgrades personally.

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