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Did we save another RVer’s life?


By Chuck Woodbury
We write a lot on about RV electrical safety. Our resident expert Mike Sokol is the nation’s authority on the subject. We know that through the years we have saved people’s RV electronics (including air conditioners and appliances) because the RVer knew how to recognize a problem. We suspect we have saved a life or two as well.

Here’s a letter I found in our archives that I would like to share with you again — a reminder how even a defective electrical cord can be serious business. The letter, from a reader named Larry, went:

“We’re RV camping in my friend’s driveway in Houston, TX. My wife and I received slight shocks when touching our RV door. Concerned, I remembered seeing the notice about watching the electrical shock video posted on RVtravel.

“I viewed it and immediately went to Sears where I bought a no-contact voltage detector. Returning and checking the outer skin of my RV, I saw that everywhere I put the detector, the warning light flashed on and the audio beeped! How frightening! I checked my friend’s ‘homemade’ extension cord, changed it, retested the RV and now all’s well. Wow! I am so glad that video was posted, and my story turned out okay.”

I told Mike Sokol, who produced the video, about the letter. He replied. “Larry or his wife could easily have been electrocuted by this miswired extension cord. It would only take a little rain to wet the ground a bit to make that a real possibility.”

So, Larry – Thanks for writing us. Your letter made our day. No, actually, your letter made our week!

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