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Did you buy your RV new or used?



We’re curious: Did you buy your RV new, right off the lot, or maybe even directly from the manufacturer? Or did you buy it used (saving money in the process, we bet). Please answer below, voting only once. After you have voted, the current tally of how others have responded will appear.

And, yes, please feel free to comment.

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Bob Lambert
5 years ago

My father was an RV dealer, and I trotted thru many manufacturing plants when I was young. Most of those companies now exist only in name as the industry has changed. I’ve always bought 1-3 years old. Most new units today spend the first year (or more) trying to work out bugs, completing the build process, and recalls. Its a shame, there is quality in Some units, just No quality controls in any! So if you plan on purchasing new, better have patience. RV Dealers do not enjoy the perks or requirements afforded auto dealers and have little motivation to please you after the sale. Patience!

5 years ago

Over the past couple of years we had been toying with the idea of getting another travel trailer. Then a year ago we bought an 01 CrossRoads 1032FKS All American from the original owners. They made us a “deal we couldn’t refuse”. Like others, they babied this trailer. However, ours came with a Hensley Arrow hitch, McKesh mirrors, Honda E2000i generator, blankets, towels, foam mattress pad, 4-chair & table dinette, loveseat sleeper, for half of what another one (an actual twin) was going for on-line. We had to make some upgrades to our truck, but we really enjoy this ‘bungalow’. It was featured as one of the Reader’s Rigs in October 2016.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
5 years ago
Reply to  Wayne

Hi, Wayne and Debi — Glad to hear you’re still enjoying your “bungalow” aka “cabin.” 😀 —Diane at

5 years ago

USED! I have an SUV to tow, so I needed something light.. Buying a used,light weight trailer is hard to find. Plus, I really wanted something new. But, then I lucked out and found a 3300 lb trailer for $5000. It’s older, but its in immaculate shape and only had 2 owners who babied it. I am really glad I am not stuck with a payment and I love my trailer.

Joel and Betty.... Orange County CA.
5 years ago

We purchased our new Winnebago from the largest dealer in California. We bought it on Tuesday and the dealer went out of business on Wednesday…gone, closed 5 locations after being sued by the lender….yikes.

5 years ago

“Other”, and almost too weird to be true, but it is: During the financial meltdown of 2009 we bought a brand new Bigfoot Camper from a bank which had repossessed it as collateral from a failed RV dealership. We bought for pennies on the dollar, but worried because Bigfoot had closed doors as well. We had zero issues, Bigfoot got back on their feet, and after 200 days of actual use over a few years we sold that fantastic camper for more than we paid for it.

5 years ago

Went from tents to a pop up viking to a bigger pop up forest river then a year ago realized the family was shrinking and pop ups were not fun any more. Great for families starting out but not with my mother in her 80’s and I going we need something stable. Ended up with a 20 by 8 Jayco trailer and got a jeep to tow O wow. 7th heaven.

Lee & Mary
5 years ago

We purchased our second new Tiffin, now a Phaeton, and are very pleased with both. We watched the entire build process at Red Bay and found very few things that needed attention. Our Phaeton is now one year old and we are glad to have new rather than used. We feel that we know what we paid for rather than a used unit that may have had unknown issues.

Linda C.
5 years ago

We have purchased 4 new from dealers and 4 used, 2 from dealers and 2 private parties. Never will buy new again, much better luck with used.

5 years ago
Reply to  Linda C.

We have purchased, used, excellent experience, just take your time, you’ll save tens of thousands (even 100’s of thousands) dollars that can be used towards life’s experiences while enjoying RV travel, remember you lose 30% the minute you drive your “new”(already used now) RV off the lot, and if you were silly enough to finance that 30% @ a 15 year interest rate, you, yourself, be the judge on the amount of stupidity that is, and your neighbor parked next to you could care less if you bought new or used…………………………..

A. W. Walker
5 years ago
Reply to  Steve

“Silly enough” and “stupidity”? Pretty insulting to lots of folks who don’t buy stuff your way.

Roy Ellithorpe
5 years ago

Our first 2 RVs, an ’05 Montana and an ’09 Mobile Suites were purchased new. NEVER AGAIN. The shoddy work and total lack of customer service  was far too stressful. We expected and got shoddy construction on our next USED TRAVEL SUPREME motorhome. The difference being that we didn’t expect any customer service, and saved enough to be happy doing or paying for the repairs ourselves.

5 years ago

We bought ours from a dealer, but it was that year’s model with 500 miles on it. The Coach was. Returned after one trip for a bigger one with more slides

Al & Sharon
5 years ago

I bought used from a consignment lot, specifically PPL. So I selected “other”. I suppose you could say I bought from a private owner. However since I didn’t have any contact with the owner, that really doesn’t fit. Additionally, PPL really doesn’t qualify as a “dealer” IMO.

5 years ago
Reply to  Al & Sharon


Peter Brubaker
5 years ago

Bought mine used from Cruise Canada. It’s a 25 foot Tioga. Built in 1999 on a ford chassis. Bought in 2003 by Me. It now has almost 200,000 KM. on it and I think it’s good for 200,000 more. It’s been coast to coast in the USA and from Newfoundland to Manitoba since I’ve had it. I will never buy another RV. this one will outlast me. I’ll just keep traveling until they take away my licence to drive. Then I’ll give it to my son and hope he takes me along sometimes. We tow an enclosed trailer with a Motorcycle sidecar rig in it for a toad. Keep an eye out for me. You may see us at a motorcycle race or rally or in a beautiful Provincial Park. If you add the age of my wife, Me. the motorhome and the bike you get 216 years, and We are all in pretty good shape, including the old motorhome.

Debbie Hansen
5 years ago

Bought mine used from a dealer ….I had to learn a hard lesson buying “as is” assuming they had disclosed all issues which they did not $2000 later I finally have a nice little camper 🙂 Jack and I have had a number of great trips in our second year together!

5 years ago
Reply to  Debbie Hansen

I’m feeling like $2,000 might be nothing compared to the depreciation of buying new… just glad the bugs got worked out and most importantly of all, that you are using it – that is the only way to make this pay.

Jim & Deanne Fellows
5 years ago

We bought ours new but it was three years old. My wife has allergies and cannot take the smell of a new camper so we looked for used. We found this new camper that the dealer had on his lot for three years. The new smell was gone and he really wanted to move this unit so we got a great deal with all the original warranties. We have had the unit for eight years now with only the normal problems and it has been across the country and back twice along with several other trips so I guess we made a good deal.

Sam White
5 years ago

We just bought our first RV. I did not want to spend more than $25,000 so I had been looking at 2003 to 2006 class C’s. My wife’s only request was that she wanted a full bedroom in the rear. The end of May We got a call from my brother in law that a motor home in his retirement community just sprouted a for sale sign. He obtained the information and called us. We rushed on down. We are now the proud owners of a 2014 Itasca Sunstar IFE26HE with 8200 miles for $30,000. An older couple bought it used it on two trips two Florida and found that it did not suit them any more. It is the perfect size for two people and my wife has a full bedroom in a 27 foot class A.

Thomas Bender
5 years ago

I bought my motorhome from a dealer but it was a consignment I made an offer and they took it and it was a very good value hurricane 34n 2005 model and it has everything you need

5 years ago

Lazy Daze RVs have an extremely active website for owners and fans. I bought a well maintained used rig that was posted on the owners forum and have had no issues at all with it. Very happy with my purchase.

5 years ago

We upgraded to a new 2004 Flagstaff 176LTD when we awoke one night while tent camping with our air mattress floating in two feet of water from a surprise rain storm. We upgraded to a new 2007 Gulf Stream AmeriLite21MB trailer after nearly freezing one night when the popup furnace could not keep us warm when an unexpected snow storm dropped the temperature to 0 . We stay comfy in the AmeriLite with the AC or an electric heater.

Diane M
5 years ago

Bought our Rockwood travel trailer new in 2007 after a bad experience with a used trailer. It’s been a great one and we’ve taken loving care of it. Best decision we could have made.

Dave W
5 years ago

Bought our Dutchstar new from a dealer. ordered to our wants and needs. coach will be 18 years old labor day weekend. We have 135,000 miles on this coach and plan on using for a few more years