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20 ways to be the most disliked person in the campground

By J.R. Montigel
Here are 20 ways to become the most disliked man or woman in the campground! Obey them, and we guarantee you won’t have a single friend anywhere nearby.

We’re sure this list is incomplete, so please add your own rule(s) in the comments.

OK. Here’s how to totally annoy your fellow campers

  1. Be sure your campfire smoke always blows in your neighbor’s window.
  2. Never pick up your dog’s poop.
  3. Crank up your music as loud as possible. A boombox on the picnic table works great!
  4. Turn on every outdoor light on your RV after dark. Add additional lights, especially blinking colored lights. Keep them on all night.
  5. Sit around your campfire with bubbas getting drunk, belching, swearing and smoking cigars.
  6. Let your engine idle for at least 30 minutes in the early morning before leaving your campsite.
  7. Watch your favorite Rambo movies loudly on your outdoor TV. The later at night, the better.
  8. Burn your trash in the campfire pit.
  9. Encourage your dog to bark at every camper that walks by and every other sound it hears outside the RV.
  10. Teach your kids or grandkids that walking or riding their bikes through other campers’ sites is a good way to get around the park.
  11. If you arrive late night in a campground, bang everything as loudly as you can while setting up and be sure to swear loudly at your partner while backing in.
  12. If you take an early-morning or late evening walk in the campground, talk loudly. If you bring your male dog along, let it off leash so it can pee on other campers’ outdoor furniture and their car or RV tires.
  13. Be sure to proudly display large political flags or banners.
  14. To get a conversation going with a stranger, say something like this: “Hey, how about that Trump (or Biden)?”
  15. Run your generator at all hours.
  16. Be sure to use your power drill to raise or lower your trailer jacks early or late in the day.
  17. Always use your cell phone outdoors. Be sure to speak loudly and use the speaker with its volume turned all the way up.
  18. So what if your kids or grandkids are running all over the place, screaming and yelling? They’re on vacation! Let ’em have fun!
  19. Use a chainsaw to cut firewood.
  20. Everybody loves tobacco smoke, right? So what if your cigar smoke blows into their window? It’s a free world!
  21. OK: Now it’s your turn. Please leave a comment. We bet you have something to add.



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5 months ago

Bring along guitars and have a concert 6 feet from your neighbor’s RV. It’s a treat for them, right? Other people tell you how great it sounds. No, thank you. Go do your music making in a larger public area like the day use picnic area,, playground,, I dont care…anywhere except right next to my campsite.

ML Trant
7 months ago

Slam your vehicle door every few minutes right when it gets dark then make sure the horn blows every time you lock it back up.

Brenda Gilbertson
7 months ago

Leaf blowers going all day long for a few leaves on outdoor carpets. There is something called a broom that’s quiet and better for the environment.

7 months ago

Don’t forget back up alarms going beep-beep-beep as they try to back up at night.

Also at night, extra LED backup lights that put out as many lumen’s as my headlights. I thought a lost commercial aircraft was in landing mode.

Kathleen Anderson
7 months ago

Next article: 20 things that State Parks and campground do that make you crazy. 1) allow key things, like laundry and bath facilities, to break and stay broken. 2) Have unreliable electric power and frequent black outs 3) Have a long list of rules, none of which are EVER enforced! 4) NO WAY to check in After Hours! 5) Allowing DANGEROUS and AGGRESSIVE dogs in the park 6) SNOTTY SNOTTY SNOTTY staff 7) REFUSING TO ALLOW MAIL to be delivered EVER 8) Having a “dog park” that’s nothing but DIRT 9) CRAMMING SITES so CLOSE together that you have no place to park your tow vehicle or dolly 10) Advertise amenities that DO NOT FUNCTION and haven’t functioned for a long long time 11) Have GREAT Amenities- pool, clubhouse, jacuzzi AND CLOSE EVERYTHING DOWN AT 5PM EVERYDAY!!!! 12) IMPOSSIBLY UNLEVEL sites. 13) Park WIFI that is expensive and SLOW and UNRELIABLE as all get out 13) FLOODED sites that don’t drain for days after rain 14) Electric boxes with SPIDERS15) Hookups on WRONG SIDE

Left Coast Geek
7 months ago

lock (BEEP!) and unlock (BEEP!BEEP!) your vehicle every time you get something out of it.

7 months ago

Leave your political flags, and your politics, at home. He lost. Get over it.

Theodora Baker
7 months ago

On campground things that might annoy your neighbor, in the early am say 5:30 am slamming your storage bay doors ,all of them and multiple times a day and then late at night after 10pm. Your kids slamming your RV door repeatedly, in and out. Using your smoker24/7 and I have to smell it coming into my RV and whatever you are cooking smells terrible.

7 months ago
Reply to  Theodora Baker

It’s amazing how loud door-slamming is, and how few people realize it when they’re doing it.

James Hardee
7 months ago

Sing bad karaoke 🎤 late at night.

7 months ago
Reply to  James Hardee

Sorry that was us 😉 But in all fairness we were at a music festival ….
(we aren’t like that at any other campgrounds)

Nature Lover
7 months ago

Don’t review campground rules with the kids so they are clueless about proper camping behavior. Even better, sit around the campfire and watch your child take a hammer and beat the bark off a tree. Then when the office calls you about a complaint they received about hammering a tree, you pick up the hammer from the ground where the child dropped it, go over to the child, and hit him in the head with it. True Story.

Steve Murray
7 months ago

Loud Morning Farters.

7 months ago
Reply to  Steve Murray


RV Staff
7 months ago
Reply to  Drew

😆 Have a good night, Drew. 😀 –Diane

7 months ago
Reply to  Steve Murray

yup, that was world class. How loud are these that it made this list?

not the usual complaint “heard” on the bad campers list

Donna Roberts
7 months ago

Well, I agree with most all of the above except 1) campfire smoke – you can’t help where the wind blows and the firepit IS there to use so keep your windows closed if it bothers you and 2) people’s choice to smoke cigars/cigarettes, etc. They are outside and have paid the same as you – once again – close your windows on that side

Theodora Baker
7 months ago
Reply to  Donna Roberts

Hi Donna, the windows are closed and the smoke smell still comes in and makes the whole RV smell like a forest fire. This has happened to me a lot. Maybe in the future rv parks will put in the smokeless fire pits.

Left Coast Geek
7 months ago
Reply to  Donna Roberts

if you burn clean dry wood, your fire shouldn’t smoke.

7 months ago

Letting your kids run feral through the campsites at all hours yelling to each other continuously while Dad and Mom get s**tfaced.

Bill Jones
7 months ago

I’ll up vote #6, especially those diesel pusher class A’s – noise and smoke.

Kenneth Pier
7 months ago

Teach your dog to bark while locked up in your RV and leave for 6 hours. When you return and your neighbor approaches to inform you, your dog was barking the whole time you were gone. The tell him, “my dog doesn’t bark when I’m gone!”

SR Perk
7 months ago

Count me in on hating all day smoldering campfires. If you don’t already know, a hot fire produces less smoke. If you need the fire, tend it!

7 months ago
Reply to  SR Perk

It’s called a smudge fire and does keep the mosquitoes away. just a normal part of old time camping.

7 months ago

Number 1 is in the correct spot, my number one peeve!…and WHY during the day when it’s 90 DEGREES OUTSIDE?

Uncle Swags
7 months ago

Ax throwing. Apparently that has replaced corn hole as the best way to create repetitive mind numbing noises. And set the arena up close to other people’s sites so when you miss throw, it doesn’t hit your stuff.

Theodora Baker
7 months ago
Reply to  Uncle Swags

Frisbee throwing behind my rv and it hits my rv several times and when you speak to the person they say” it’s only plastic, it can’t hurt your camper” or practicing putting with a golf ball next to or behind your rv and again when you say something they respond ” I am almost a golf expert, don’t worry it won’t hit your camper”

7 months ago

When unloading, grab a handful, LOCK THAT vehicle (HONK) walk 20 feet, come back , open, get another load, LOCK THAT vehicle (HONK) walk 20 feet and repeat another 15 -20 times. I use to think we have become a people without morality, we have, coupled with oblivious people with care for others blinded by entitlement,

7 months ago
Reply to  david

Here, here!

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles worked.
7 months ago

I have severe heat induced asthma &when I nicely asked people to do something about their thick black smoke from fire ring built about in our campsite was told to “go check into a motel”. Twas too hot for me do without a/c. I”ve had a ( 🙂 )bit of outdoors experience and I diagnosed the problem as really green coniferous wood being kept lighted with way too frequent applications of liquid fire starter. No kidding, it could have been used as an instructional aid for how to send smoke signals in really intense daylight. Think substituting a smaller amount of seasoned firewood & using my little fan set to blow smoke coming thru a/c iintake away from me would’ve probably solved problem. (Used my rescue inhalers frequently that night &next 2 days as we traveled)

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