Sunday, December 3, 2023


Dog accidentally changes gears, sending motorhome rolling into lake

This is an RV horror story of just about the worst kind. As a man unhooks his fishing boat from his motorhome on the boat ramp, his dog inside somehow manages to bump the RV into reverse, sending the big Class A rolling into the water.

The motorhome is stopped within a few seconds, but by then it has already taken in enough water to turn the inside rear of the RV into a big bathtub.

Keep an eye on the video to see when the backup lights turn on. That’s when the trouble begins.

Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Mike Albert (@guest_104518)
3 years ago

I have a 22’ CC. I have never used my MH to launch it retrieve. I use a truck. That being said, when launching/ retrieving by myself, the motor is always left running. As soon as launching occurred and boat secured at dock, I return and move truck. There are times when it is necessary to move further back with the trailer due to tides and current at ramp. I have seen keys lost at the ramp when people turn off their vehicle and take keys with them and drop them when putting it in their pockets.
The best solution is to always have two people when launching or retrieving. So, make sure to leave your phone number b your response so I can call you when I need another person. Promise I won’t call before 4:00AM.

Larry Stetz (@guest_104511)
3 years ago

What year is the motorhome? I thought you needed to step on the brake pedal to put it in gear.

BirdsGoToo (@guest_104498)
3 years ago

Can’t believe the rude comments. Yes, he made a mistake not putting the parking brake on and leaving the rig running. I’m sure none of you have ever screwed up.

Just glad no one was hurt and all was recovered. Lots of helpful friends there.

Rick (@guest_104496)
3 years ago

At least it wasn’t salt water!

Nigel (@guest_104495)
3 years ago

I thought he was getting the boat OUT of the water, not launching it. If so, was there no one in it while it was in drive? Did he just put it in drive and then walk away? Crazy!

Ken (@guest_104480)
3 years ago

Stick to kayaks dude! Your speed

Baden Whitehead (@guest_104463)
3 years ago

I’m just glad no one got injured or killed in this experience.

Seann Fox (@guest_104462)
3 years ago

Set the park brake

Bill N Stacey (@guest_104461)
3 years ago

O O P S !!!!

dlc (@guest_62772)
3 years ago

Was the dog okay?

Carolyn (@guest_62078)
3 years ago

This is exactly why my dogs always travel in crates! An occasional drive thru adventure but 99.9% of the time they are crated for their safety and mine.

John (@guest_38613)
4 years ago

Why not put blocks under the wheels, turn off engine and set brakes. There are many people who have done this with their pickups and Class A’s. In a big rush to catch a BIG FISH. Looks to me that the fish are winning, SUCKER!!!

rick louderbough (@guest_38446)
4 years ago

Second time this week I’ve seen things that could have been avoided with the use of the emergency brake. m

Doug/ND (@guest_38278)
4 years ago

It is normal when launching a boat to leave the vehicle running! His emergency brake system did not work however – and that made it dangerous. (Chev-GM AutoPark?). He also has a “push button” selector on the transmission. Further, he has not only 1 – but two Dalmatian dogs. As a former Dalmatian owner I can tell you rambunctious and curious, loving – and not being left behind are traits. Simple for the dog to put a foot on the selector!
Who would’ve thot……?

Jeff (@guest_38124)
4 years ago

Why was the vehicle running and WHY weren’t the parking brakes Set?

Another “Stupid is as Stupid Does Moment”!

Ray Shepherd (@guest_38141)
4 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

Could not have said it better.

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