Dog accidentally changes gears, sending motorhome rolling into lake


This is an RV horror story of just about the worst kind. As a man unhooks his fishing boat from his motorhome on the boat ramp, his dog inside somehow manages to bump the RV into reverse, sending the big Class A rolling into the water.

The motorhome is stopped within a few seconds, but by then it has already taken in enough water to turn the inside rear of the RV into a big bathtub.

Keep an eye on the video to see when the backup lights turn on. That’s when the trouble begins.

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9 months ago

Was the dog okay?

9 months ago

This is exactly why my dogs always travel in crates! An occasional drive thru adventure but 99.9% of the time they are crated for their safety and mine.

1 year ago

Why not put blocks under the wheels, turn off engine and set brakes. There are many people who have done this with their pickups and Class A’s. In a big rush to catch a BIG FISH. Looks to me that the fish are winning, SUCKER!!!

rick louderbough
1 year ago

Second time this week I’ve seen things that could have been avoided with the use of the emergency brake. m

1 year ago

It is normal when launching a boat to leave the vehicle running! His emergency brake system did not work however – and that made it dangerous. (Chev-GM AutoPark?). He also has a “push button” selector on the transmission. Further, he has not only 1 – but two Dalmatian dogs. As a former Dalmatian owner I can tell you rambunctious and curious, loving – and not being left behind are traits. Simple for the dog to put a foot on the selector!
Who would’ve thot……?

1 year ago

Why was the vehicle running and WHY weren’t the parking brakes Set?

Another “Stupid is as Stupid Does Moment”!

Ray Shepherd
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff

Could not have said it better.