Sunday, October 2, 2022


Was (or is) this doll a real live person?

dollThis is not a girl, but a doll. I spotted it in a Snohomish, Wash., antique store. Don’t you think a real girl modeled for this doll? The face is too different from most dolls, and who would ever think up such a face? I didn’t buy the doll, just took a picture.

If the doll is based on a real girl, then who was she? I have a big urge to find out. Maybe someone will read this and tell me. It would be great to find out, and then meet the girl, who would probably be a senior citizen by now, as I think this doll must be pretty old.

As I stared at this doll, I wondered what it would be like if someone created a doll that looked just like your own daughter or sister or someone close to you – or even you when you were young. What if you were in a store – like I was in Snohomish – and you turned a corner and there it was – a doll that looked just like you or your daughter when she was young? It would be eerie – a Twilight Zone kinda experience.

This kind of thing can happen. I don’t want to find a doll that looks like my daughter when she was little. Well, maybe I do now that I think about it. I’d buy it, for sure. I know that.


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Phil Atterbery
2 years ago

Many years ago, before kids & RV’S, my DW
and her BFF collected dolls. The sizes ranged from palm of your hand to 48″ tall. At a doll show in OK we met a doll sculptor. We had our 2 yr old with us. As we talked about her creative process she wondered if we thought about allowing our son to model for her. We were flattered but after discussing the creepy factor decided not to.

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