Don’t forget the little storage spaces


By Chris Dougherty, Certified RV Technician


When we load our RVs sometimes we pile things into the cabinets any old way just to get it done. When you are going to RV for an extended period or have a small unit like a truck camper, storage space is at much more of a premium. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when setting up RV storage:

Be organized. Spending a little time now to stow your gear in a neat and organized fashion will save headaches down the road.

RV cabinets rarely come with shelves, and in fifth wheels the cabinets can be hugely tall. Quick fix: add Closet Maid-type wire shelving. Hint: make sure you put a lip on it, or mount it slightly tilted toward the wall with shelf liner to keep things from sliding.

One thing I saw years ago — turn your kitchen sink drain into a shelf for rolls of aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc. Thin cardboard, tape and scissors are all you need. Span the cardboard across the cross pipe of the drain and extend back to the wall or some other attachment point.

Don’t forget plastic bins! Not only are they stackable, they’re usually water tight and can be put anywhere — under the bed, basement compartments, vanity and so on.

Velcro is an RVer’s best friend!

Don’t forget to mount things in your outside compartments. Home centers carry an abundance of little brackets, straps, and shelves to make your outside storage much more user friendly.

With a little time spent early on, your RV adventures can be easier and more carefree!

photo: Alexander Klink on wikimedia commons

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