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Do you like to play golf?

Golf, one of the world’s most popular sports, is enjoyed by millions of people each year. Here are a few things you might not know about the sport:

• The first 18-hole golf course opened in Downer’s Grove, Illinois, in 1892 on a sheep farm. The course is still open today, but it has been downsized to 9 holes.

• Only two sports have been played on the moon: golf and javelin. On February 6, 1967, Alan Bartlett Shepard, Jr. took a swing with a six-iron on the moon, which sent the ball flying through the low-gravity atmosphere.

• According to health and fitness experts, a 190-pound golfer will burn an average of 430 calories per hour while playing the sport (this is assuming the person is walking, not driving around the course).

So, have you ever played a game of golf? Often? Sometimes? Never? Please tell us in the poll below.

Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury
Emily Woodbury is the editor here at She was lucky enough to grow up alongside two traveling parents, one domestically by RV (yep, Chuck Woodbury) and the other for international adventures, and has been lucky to see a great deal of our world (and counting!). She lives near Seattle with her dog and chickens. When she's not cranking out 365+ newsletters for she's hiking, cooking or, well, probably traveling.



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Vanessa (@guest_77584)
3 years ago

My answer isn’t there. I like to play a casual round but since I broke my wrist and had a bone graph I can’t swing a club.. Used to watch all the time and really enjoyed it.

squeakytiki (@guest_77398)
3 years ago

Does mini-golf count? Because if it does then I can say I golf.

Cheryl Bacon (@guest_77394)
3 years ago

Playing golf has crossed my mind, but just seeing what it costs, just to dabble in it seems ridiculous. I know a few people that live in a golfing communities and on one of the “holes” and the rules they have to follow to me are very intrusive and pointless. For example, they are not allowed to have “noise” in their backyards until the course is closed for the day. Meanwhile the course is on a road that cars, motorcycles, kids, yapping dogs etc go by constantly. I do have to say Top Golf is a lot of fun and our family of 3 generations have a great time doing from time to time.

Dave (@guest_77386)
3 years ago

Alan shepard walked on the moon in 1971, not 1967. He did hit golf balls on moon then.

Shredder J (@guest_77382)
3 years ago

I would love to play, but each time I have tried, I just can’t get that club to connect with that tiny ball!

David Harrison (@guest_77380)
3 years ago

I have played golf for many years and thoroughly enjoy it. Risking angry replies, I must say that none of the respondents below seem to ‘get’ golf. The game is a multitude of things, a test of skill, character, marvelous exercise if you walk, perfect opportunity to spend quality time outdoors with children and grandchildren, parents and siblings, and it need not be overly expensive. Golf balls do not fly straighter on expensive courses. For retired RVers like my wife and I it is a lovely time together.

Julie (@guest_77379)
3 years ago

Watching golf is like watching paint dry. Actual golf looks about as fun as painting. At least when you are done painting you have something to show for it 🤣

Tom (@guest_77370)
3 years ago

I played a few times. People competing like it was life and death. It’s suppose to be fun and relaxing.

Bobkat (@guest_77368)
3 years ago

Golf is a strange game. The fun part is hitting the ball, the rest is just walking. The winner is the one who hits the ball the fewest times. Therefore, the winner is the person who has the least fun.

Dave (@guest_77367)
3 years ago

Let’s see, hit a ball as far as you can and then go CHASE it ????? I think not !!!!

Hook-n-Haul (@guest_77363)
3 years ago

I tried to play once – shot a 68. Didn’t bother with the 2nd hole’

Barry (@guest_77362)
3 years ago

I have to add…”golf” is not a verb. One does not golf, one plays golf. One does not go golfing, one plays golf. Think about it….do you go tennising? Do you go soft balling? Do you go basketballing? Golf is a great game and an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors and some beautiful scenery. Finally, while playing golf, you might get a chance for a quick swim as you retrieve the iron you threw in the pond after flubbing a shot.

Ed Step (@guest_77387)
3 years ago
Reply to  Barry

I golf. If I just played golf would I get better?

Gene Bjerke (@guest_77356)
3 years ago

I’m assuming miniature golf doesn’t count.

Sink Jaxon (@guest_77351)
3 years ago

I used to TRY to golf, mostly because of my Step-dad, he always wanted me to go with him. We had some fun times, but I never got any good at it. When he got sick and passed away, I got rid of my clubs and never golfed again. Looking back, I wish I would’ve taken some lesson so I could’ve played better. I probably would’ve enjoyed it more.

Bob p (@guest_77348)
3 years ago

When I was 14&15 years old I was a caddy at the local golf course. I saw what the game of golf turned professional people (Drs, lawyers, business owners, etc.) into raving children throwing temper tantrums and decided never to play golf if that’s what it does to people. When I turned 16 I got a job in a grocery store as a stock boy and have never been on a golf course since. Never had the desire to learn the game and at 77 years young still don’t.

Joan (@guest_77347)
3 years ago

I played for several years and enjoyed it very much.

Tom (@guest_77353)
3 years ago
Reply to  Joan

I agree, Joan. I used to play and loved it but never play anymore. I miss it but would rather spend time with the dogs and hiking.

Abe Loughin (@guest_77344)
3 years ago

You missed a possible answer. I played a number of years ago and enjoyed it but I don’t play anymore.

Greg T (@guest_77389)
3 years ago
Reply to  Abe Loughin

I agree. I used to play and enjoyed it a lot. However, it got too expensive and other things in my life took over. But I totally get golf. Everything about it is enjoyable. And I can watch golf on TV and enjoy it too.

travilenman (@guest_77343)
3 years ago

I don’t golf BUT I used to caddy when I was a youngster…That was enough for me…

Lt Jim (@guest_77338)
3 years ago

I gave it up when I couldn’t get the ball in the clown’s mouth!

Ron Brauer (@guest_77335)
3 years ago

I don’t get the concept of golf. I can get a 64 in the first 4 holes. I don’t need 18!

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