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High-tech Starlink-connected “porta potty” is a time machine for outhouses of the future


There is usually not much to enjoy in a porta-potty, but Jupe is working to change that with new high-tech portable toilets. They are taking these space-age potties to a whole new level—the next generation in high-tech “glamping.” Forget carrying a newspaper into this “john” while you do your business—these futuristic portable toilets are Starlink WiFi-compatible. They may just be the portable potty of the future.

Metallic wrap exterior walls

Jupe calls it “Art” and it is unlike any other portable toilet. The design team drew on form inspiration from Bjarke Ingels’ CopenHill and Sluishuis projects as well as Donald Judd’s minimalist and monolithic structures. The walls are reflective metallic (not plastic) and the shape is otherworldly. It’s a cube with attitude!

Photo credit Jupe

Mirrored to see the view

The innovative design of the Full Portal model features a full-length two-way mirror in front to provide a view without others seeing in. If that seems a little too uncomfortable and you prefer more privacy while you “go,” there is a full-length shade that pulls down.

Photo credit Jupe

Sky Portal

But it is not just a view out the front. The “porta potties” also have a sky portal on the roof to enjoy the trees, sky and stars above. While the cut-out is actually an eclipse shape, it appears to be a circle from the sitting position.

Photo credit Jupe


Forget plugging your nose. The Full Portal model is solar-powered and has an always-on fan to keep things fresh. Want to forget the flashlight? The Portals 200w solar panels power wrap-around ceiling lights to chase away demons of the night. Well, and they help you find the toilet paper.

Photo credit Jupe

Three times larger

At three times larger than a standard portable toilet, there is a lot more knee room and less bumping into the dubious sides. The unit is 1800 lbs. and is anchored to the ground. Perhaps even Bigfoot could make use of these…

Photo credit Jupe

No magic for dumping (yet)

It is still a porta potty, though, and there is no magic (yet) for dumping. The tank capacity is 38 gallons and it still needs to be visited and serviced by a septic service about once a week. Alas, it is not self-cleaning either, but it can be hosed out to a drain in the floor.

Earth Portal compost model

Aiming for being totally off-grid there is another model, the Earth Portal, that will transform human waste into fertilizer and be truly self-contained. The planned release date is late 2023.

Fifteen models are currently in place across the country. The Base Portal and Full Portal will again be available in 2023. The Base portal retails for $4,995, the Full Portal for $8,995 and the composting Earth Portal will be $10,995. Starlink-ready adds another $700.

Interested in reading more? Check out Jupe’s futuristic website.
Photo credit JupeAll photos courtesy of Jupe. 


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Cheryl Bacon
26 days ago

While these are a cool, this is not really a new concept. There are several, outdoor (festivals, weddings, competitions, outdoor concerts) events where you will see upgraded porta potties/restrooms. They usually have more than just one stall/bathroom in a trailer looking unit and some even have showers. The different stand apart features depend on which company manufactures them and the company that rents them. They are cleaned and maintained 100% better than the standard porta potties.

26 days ago

Holy s___…