Thursday, September 21, 2023


Easier and safer way to put on an RV cover

Jim L. says he’s got a safer way to put on a cover: “We protect our 24′ Lazy Daze with a cloth RV cover. I was climbing a 7-foot ladder carrying the bundled cover up and tossing it onto the roof. I had to be careful or the cover would come unbundled and nearly knock me off the ladder. Then, I would have to go down the ladder, bunch it up again and try a second time. Finally, I figured out a better way.

“First I stretch the cover out on the refrigerator side of the RV (this will make sense in a moment). I make sure the cover’s front and rear ends are oriented correctly and that the cover is not inside out. Next I place the ladder next to the RV right below the refrigerator vent on the roof. I make sure that the cover is between the ladder and the RV.

“To put the cover on, I hold it in the middle by the edge of the side of the cover I want to end up on the other side of the RV. Holding one edge of the cover like this, I climb the ladder pulling part of the cover up with me, and then use two spring clips to attach that cover’s edge to the refrigerator vent on the roof. This keeps that small part of the cover in place on the roof.

“To finish the install, I climb the built-in rear ladder to walk on the roof. I hold the edge I attached to the vent cover, remove the spring clips. It’s now relatively easy to pull the cover up and over the roof. Doing it this way is easier, quicker and safer than the bunched method because you pull the cover on with it correctly oriented and you never lift more than a small part of the cover at one time. You can do this alone but it’s better to have a helper on the ground who keeps anything from getting stuck below as you pull the cover up. I would recommend not trying to put on covers on windy days with either method – you can get blown off the roof!” Thanks, Jim!




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