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Falling Wisconsin pickup truck driver cited for 3 offenses


By James Raia
Richard Oliver, the pickup truck driver who lived after his vehicle plunged 70 feet over a railing on I-94 in Wisconsin, has been cited for three violations.

Oliver’s crash, which was filmed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and became a viral video, was controversial. But it also showcased human kindness.

The driver a pickup truck drove his truck ovver a freeway barrier and fell 70 feet has bee cited with several offenses.
The person who drove his pickup truck over a freeway barrier and fell 70 feet has been cited with several offenses.

While Oliver remained in a local hospital, the video was reviewed very often and it was determined Oliver was at fault. He has been cited with: operating while his license was revoked, for unreasonable and imprudent speed (77 mph), and failure to keep the vehicle under control.

Reckless pickup truck driver cited

The wreck happened shortly before 10 a.m. Feb. 6. Video from the crash shows the moment the pickup truck lost control. A snowbank on the roadway acted as a ramp.

Deputies found the driver, Oliver, conscious and breathing. He is now recovering from injuries suffered in that incident.

The crash report indicates Oliver entered the ramp from W I-94 to S I-41 at 77 mph – faster than posted speeds of 55 mph. His truck hit the right barrier wall then rode the snowbank.

After that impact the truck then crossed the lanes of traffic and struck the left barrier wall and snowbank. That caused further damage to the truck.

After striking the left barrier wall the truck crossed back over the lanes of traffic. It then struck the right snowbank and wall again. The truck then went up the snowbank and over the wall.

“There was just too much snow on the side of the road that once the tires got into like two feet of snow there’s no controlling a vehicle of any kind,” said Oliver. He suffered a broken back, a broken leg and other injuries.

The truck landed upright on the right shoulder of the westbound lanes of Interstate 94.

Oliver is the father of a 6-month-old. He said he is grateful to the two people who came to his aid, including a man who helped him make a phone call.


Wisconsin truck driver miracle! He survives 70 feet fall

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Skip Trafford
1 year ago

She spent one month in ICU with much inoperable seat belt bone injuries and is still recovering but all in all, was grateful for Gods grace and experiencing the miracle. We are very active in our choir and church and she is a famous pastors daughter. Our pastor uses her to talk to potential church goers who are contemplating becoming Christians. Our friends ask us two questions; 1) what kind of vehicle was she driving because “I want one”, and 2) “Is your wife available to hold my dice during a trip to Vegas?” Lol What a year we had!

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  Skip Trafford

WOW! What an unbelievable and amazing story, Skip! We’re so glad she survived! We wish you many safe and excellent miles and years of RVing ahead. Take care. 😀 —Diane at

Skip Trafford
1 year ago

Her SUV was nowhere to be found and our trailer was hanging over the guard rail. We located our Xterra in the bayou 65’ below and yelled for my wife to get out if she could, fearing a fire. All the while, a paramedic who was a marathoner sprinted 1 mile down the bridge and back under through the bayou to aid my wife. My wife calmly opened the crushed door and stepped out and smiled back at us 65’ above thinking she was on her way to heaven and we were the heavenly hosts. She saw 8’ angels take the SUV on all four corners and gently turn it upright and down to the bayou where it landed on all four tires.

Skip Trafford
1 year ago

My wife was driving her Xterra 44mph with a 16 ft trailer behind her between Lafayette and Baton Rouge. I was in front in our SUV also pulling a trailer. We were moving to MS and it was 1AM during Mardi Gras last year. She was struck from behind on a large bridge over the bayou by an inattentive driver driving over 80. The force of the impact separated her SUV from our trailer, flipped her and rolled her sideways down the bridge for 270’ before riding the bridge guard rail upside down for 56’ before going airborne into the dark abyss. Her vehicle dropped 65’ into the bayou landing upright in the process. I spun around and back, saw the perpetrator – a former fired LA state trooper with his family on the way to BR to open their donut shop – sitting on the curb unhurt with his family being attended to by first responders while telling no one he had struck my wife’s trailer.

Sink Jaxon
1 year ago

His license had been revoked??? Hmm I wonder why?

Bob P
1 year ago

Strange no mention of anything found in his underwear, probably full.

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