Family’s RV woes inspire hilarious music video


What happens if you buy a fifth wheel trailer and it turns out to be riddled with defects? Well, if you’re a member of this family you make a highly entertaining music video about your experience, asking in it for your spouse to forgive you for buying it. “The Best Darn Camper Song” was posted to our RV Horror Stories Facebook group: We simply cannot resist showing it to you here. This is going viral. We don’t think the place where they bought the RV will be too happy about that.

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Pat hs

Couldn’t get video it said null

Sheridan & Kathy Ball

So Funny! Especially since we too are owners of a 5th Wheel (Bighorn by Heartland) with innumerable problems. My wife and I laughed all the way through your clever & entertaining video. Thanks for sharing your Creativity & Terrific attitude in the face of such frustrating problems.
You brightened our morning. : > 》

Tommy B

Love the production, music and singing. Maybe you should become a producer. Hope the shaming does some good. I’m sure if enough people see this RV Factory may be out of business. Would serve them right.

Big Texas Family

Thank you, Chuck, for sharing our story! This was after a year of trying to get the manufacturer to address our issues, and then just finally having enough. As Kevin mentioned above, more detail is at the website, including our first video from December which better outlines the situation from beginning to end. Again, thank you for sharing!


Someone needs to make a video like this about Camping World.


Adorable family and the video is probably the most fun they will ever have with their fifth wheel, sad!

Kevin Loving

Love this! Here is there web site with more information:


Ouch! I’m assuming this came after trying to work with dealer, but well done public shaming.

Would have been even stronger if elucidating each problem more… Hot/cold shower is less dramatic than gas leaks…


Well done, Big Texas Family!