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My favorite RV moment in 2022: Seeing our RV through our granddaughter’s eyes

She’d never seen it before. Our 3-year-old granddaughter knew all about our RV, of course. Her older brother and sister often talked about the times they’d spent the night with us in our fifth wheel. Little Chloe was clearly mesmerized at the thought of it. With COVID uncertainty, we traveled less in the past few years and Chloe somehow never got her turn to go with us.

Interest peaks

This year, as we prepared to leave town for any trip, Chloe wanted to know all about it. “Are you going in your RV? Where will you take your RV this time?” (The way she says “RV,” with the emphasis on the “R,” makes it sound like she’s saying “Harvey.” It’s too cute!)

Finally, her turn!

Then, in October, just as the leaves were peaking in color, we asked Chloe if she’d like to take a little trip in “Harvey.” You’d have thought we offered her a ride to Mars! She was beside herself with joy! It was a short weekend excursion but became one of my most favorite trips ever.

Our adorable little Chloe

A special time

As Chloe entered our RV for the first time, her eyes sparkled with excitement. She ran all around the RV to check things out. “Look! It’s a table and chairs! Hey! There’s a ‘frigerator, too! And a TV. Wow!” And then, “Gramma! Come back here! Did you see this? It’s a bed! Right here!” And when she’d looked in every cupboard she could access, she ran to me and hugged my knees so tightly. “Oh, Gramma! I just love your Harvey! I really do!”

The mouths of babes?

We had a lot of fun on our trip with Chloe. Her words echoed in my mind more than once afterwards, though. It was good to see our RV through the eyes of a 3-year-old. It helped me remember what a blessing “Harvey” really is to us. Now every time I step into our rig, I try to relive Chloe’s excitement as I humbly thank God for this wonderful blessing. Because “Look! It’s a table and chairs! Hey! There’s a ‘frigerator, too! And a TV. Wow!” Wow, indeed.



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Steven N
25 days ago


Denise Bumby
26 days ago

The best story I have heard! This would have been me as a child and I can’t wait for a grandchild to share our RV with.

27 days ago

Nice story- great little kid!

John Davis
27 days ago

Great story, what a cutie!
27 days ago

Our rules have always been that you have to be potty trained and able to dress yourself before you can travel with grandma and grandpa (now great-grandma and great-grandpa). The first couple of trips are short and close to home, but then we take them to see that there’s more to the world than they ever imagined.

Bob M
27 days ago

She’s a little cutie.

27 days ago

We have some great-grandchildren who like to visit GG’s (Great-Grandma’s) little house and sit in the dinette to have juice and cookies.

27 days ago

Love the story! That is what makes RV trips so special! We took our grandchildren to Fort Wilderness and stayed in our travel trailer. It was so much fun. Our granddaughter used to call it a “car house.”
‘Happy New Year!

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