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New book for bike-riding RVers lists campgrounds with bike trails

We LOVE when our readers (that’s you!) write in. Whether it’s sharing photos, story ideas, sending us your blog, your favorite recipes—anything—it always makes us happy. I got an email from reader Betty Chambers this week asking if we could share her new book, “RVing with Bikes.”

I took a look at the book, thought it was certainly worthwhile for bike-riding RVers, and immediately wrote back asking if she wanted to write a short blurb about it for our newsletter. Here’s what Betty said:

Do you like to ride bikes while you are RVing?  If so, you may be interested in the newly published ebook/book, “RVing with Bikes” by Betty Chambers.

“RVing with Bikes: A Guide to Full Hook Up Campgrounds with Easy Access to Bike Trails” lists campgrounds across the U.S. that offer full hook ups and have easy access to bike trails. Easy access means the bike trail runs through the campground or is next to it. Easy access also includes trails that are a short distance away and can be reached by bike without riding on busy roadways.

The trails listed in the guide are paved or have a hard surface, such as crushed limestone.  The guide also notes the approximate distance of the trail and if the trail is part of a larger, regional trail system.

“RVing with Bikes” is organized by state and then by city. Readers are encouraged to research the campground to ensure it meets his or her particular standards. Readers are also encouraged to research current conditions and restrictions on each trail. The ebook version of the book makes this research easy as it has a link to each campground and trail listed.

As trails and campgrounds continue to expand in the United States, the guide will be updated. Readers are encouraged to submit new locations for inclusion in the next edition.

The ebook, as well as a print version, is available on Amazon.

And Betty’s Blog, Chambers on the Road, can be found here.

Thank you for sharing, Betty. Happy riding!




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Kathy Underwood
6 days ago

I was quite disappointed in the lack of content in this book. I was hoping for more since I purchased it from a link on RV Travel. A map with dots on it yet no way to directly connect the dot to a description causes too much work outside of the book to figure out the location of a campground. I would not purchase again.

Betty R Chambers
6 days ago

I am sorry you were disappointed in the book. I believe the book works much better as an ebook as every campground and trail is hyperlinked to their respective websites. I have removed the print option from Amazon. I sincerely do not want anyone to be unhappy with the book, so I encourage you to return it to Amazon.

Carl W
13 days ago

Honestly, and I do not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I found this book not worth its price, not because it is badly written (it’s not), but because of the small number of campgrounds/trails listed. For example, Silver Lake CG (run by the Forestry Service) is located adjacent to the Withlacoochee State Trail, 46 miles long and at the present time the longest paved rail trail in Florida (is not listed). Some States have no listings whatsoever. I do appreciate the author’s intention and effort, but I have found certain Apps and online websites to be far more comprehensive in finding places to ride. Yes, those sources do not show campgrounds, but any of these sources used with a road atlas or a camping App like Allstays is far more informative.

Betty R Chambers
13 days ago
Reply to  Carl W

Hi Carl. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the feedback. I certainly want any buyers to feel the book is worth the price, so I consider carefully any negative feedback.

I did focus the book on campgrounds which offer full hook ups. The Silver Lake CG you mentioned does not have full hook ups. The book does list some campgrounds with partial hook ups in the Appendix, but this is a limited number.

I also mentioned in the book’s description that the book lists 100 FHU campgrounds. I put that in the description, so potential buyers would realize the number listed before purchasing.

Some states are not listed because I could not find campgrounds which are 1) FHU 2) have easy access to 3) a paved trail. For example, the trails I found in Arkansas were mountain bike trails. And most of the trails I found in Texas state parks were natural surface.

My hope is that if I put out a second edition, there would be more campgrounds listed as I learn about them and as the number of increases.

Last edited 13 days ago by Diane McGovern
21 days ago

I love the idea of this book – – but not that it only includes full hookup RV parks! That’s just not our style.
But I do hope the book does well for her and helps those who stay in the FHU parks she lists.
I would love something like this for all types of RV camping options.
If anyone knows of something, please let the rest of us know.

21 days ago
Reply to  EricaH

I have a Michigan trails atlas ( somewhere) it’s very thick . My copy is over 20 years old and needs updating but there’s a ton of maps & information in it .
Wisconsin has books also as they have a lot of rail trails.
I figure if there’s a book for the whole country it would be 10 feet thick
State gazetteers also have trail info but no maps
State by state will give more complete information

Betty Chambers
21 days ago
Reply to  EricaH

Hi Erica,
Thanks for your comment and your well wishes. I appreciate that your style of camping may be different than our style. That’s the great thing about camping – so many options! I will note that many of the FHU campgrounds listed also have sites with partial hook ups. Also, in the book, I did include an Appendix which lists about 25 campgrounds with partial hookups. I included that info because some of those trails seemed so great, and I wanted to document the info. But I did not include any campgrounds for those who boon-dock. I do hope readers find the book helpful. However you RV, have fun!

Tina W
20 days ago
Reply to  Betty Chambers

In your defense (not that you need any), maybe you aren’t familiar with boondocking campgrounds bc that’s not where you camp? I would love more partial hookup campgrounds, just bc sometimes that’s the only option. But wherever you camp is the only thing your book can fairly cover. 🙂

I would also prefer if this included some kind of campground and trail review. Bc no one wants to go to a bad campground or trail.

But I’ll be buying this book for sure!

Betty Chambers
20 days ago
Reply to  Tina W

Hi Tina,
Thanks for your comment and your interest in the book. As you guessed, my husband and I do not boondock. I can certainly see the appeal of boondocking, but it just isn’t for us. And so you are right, that is why I didn’t include it in my book.

The ebook does have links to the campgrounds and the trails, so readers can easily research their options. There are so many review sites already online; I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. Dan and I greatly depend on reviews before making our choices, and we read several – because, like you said, we do not want to go to a bad campground or trail that isn’t for us.

Thanks again for your comment, and if you do get the book, I hope you find it helpful.

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