Sunday, October 2, 2022


Game on! How many of these favorite TV pets from the past can you match with their owners?

Hubby and I flipped through the television channels, again and again. And again. Still nothing on that we wanted to watch. News? Too depressing. Comedies? Not really funny (to us, anyway). Dramas? Too intense. Reality shows? Too weird. So, it was back to flipping… Until I challenged Hubby to name all of the famous TV and movie pets that starred in television shows when we were kids.

Game on! First, my hubby insisted on some ground rules. He’d name a famous TV pet and I’d have to identify that pet’s TV owner. Then I’d name a famous TV pet and Hubby would name that pet’s television owner. I had a ground-rule, too. No keeping score. That’s right, no points. It’s just a game, right?

We came up with quite a list! Surprising, seeing as my family got our first TV when I was 8! I don’t even remember watching many of these shows from the past, but somehow the pets and their on-air owners stuck in my mind. Here’s our list. Well, part of it. Put down that remote and see if you or your travel buddy can fill in the blanks. (The first one is done for you.) Add to our list if you can. Game on!

Lassie Timmy
Flicka ________
________ Roy Rogers
Buttercup ________
RinTinTin ________
________ The Lone Ranger
Astro ________
________ Zorro
Mr. Ed ________
________ Sky King
Toto ________
Old ________ Travis Coates

We’re not giving you the answers because we don’t want to spoil it, but they’re easy to Google. How’d you do?



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Patti Williams
11 months ago

Shouldn’t “Buttercup” be “Buttermilk”? Or… maybe I just don’t remember a TV pet named “Buttercup”…

11 months ago

Gentle Ben and Mark (aka) Clint Howard; Flipper and Ranger Rick; Eddie and Frasier; Snoopy and the peanuts gang!

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