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Have you ever turned away from an RV park because its entrance looked junky or otherwise unappealing?


Have you ever arrived at an RV park and been so turned off by its entrance or overall first appearance that you turned away and found another place to stay? Maybe you had read a glowing report on the place in a directory, on an app or on a website and concluded it was a good candidate for a stay for a night or more.

And then you drove there. But when you arrived, there was all sorts of junk out front, or maybe a junked car, or maybe the lawn looked more like a hayfield than a lawn. Or maybe the office looked like it hadn’t been painted in 20 years.

Has that happened to you?

That’s our question today. Remember, the poll can take a few moments to load, so stand by. It’ll be along shortly. And, as always, your comments are welcome.


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1 year ago

The hard part for me is to talk my wife into less than perfect campgrounds when we are only looking to stay a night, two at the most. She is picky and spoiled by state park cg’s offering spacious sites.

ken bentz
1 year ago

Turned around to leave a campground in Texas, when one of the local full timer stopped and talked to us, being late in the day we decided to stay. Turned out to be one of our best nights as everyone was very friendly. We even got invited to a catfish party.

Leslie Schofield
1 year ago

I said no but only because at the end of a long driving day and no other options close we will stay the night but are out early the next am!

1 year ago

We got a campsite near Forest Ontario and when we got there is looked something out of love in. Everything was so close together it made me go no. Ended up at a christian campground because we could not find anything. They took us in and gave us a great site. Needless to say if looks unappealing I will keep on driving. That also made me do my research on campgrounds more carefully after that.

1 year ago
Reply to  jillie

as an afterthought? That was more then 20 years ago before internet and google map.

1 year ago

As some have said, we research in what we hope is a careful manner. Read the reviews AND check out the satellite views. Have stayed at literally hundreds of campgrounds around the country, some great, some not so much, but only cut our stay short once.

Einar Hansen
1 year ago

We were on the road and had been driving most of the day. We wanted to just grab a place to make a bite to eat and get some sleep. So we stopped at a place we found nearby on the inter-net. The reviews were okay and they had sites available for the night. When we pulled in to check-in at the office I needed to hit the restroom, so I walked across the parking area to the restrooms. Where I saw a couple inside the restrooms Shooting-up heroin and half naked. I went back to the office and said No Thanks! Where is the Walmart that I saw on-line here in town?

Neal Davis
1 year ago

We found a campground near our home. We drove there in our car to check it out before camping there. We felt a bit uncomfortable driving through it. All the RVs were dilapidated and many looked unlikely to move, whether towable or drivable. We concluded that it was a stationary community and that receiving an invitation to stay there was the only way to comfortably join the community.

Dennis G.
1 year ago

We normally review google maps (street view) before deciding where we plan to stay a night or two. With that said, during our return home leg of our trip we did stop at two RV parks in Wells, NV. The first one we saw was a no-go, the second one was clearly for long term local residents, but it was okay.
In the end, it was quiet, and much, much nicer than the local trucks tops.

1 year ago

We travel and camp for the night. (Van camp, 2 VW Westfalias, 2 Ford E 150, that I made beds for, kitchen, and porta- pottie. Now that we are “old” we decided that a Roadtrek on Chevy chassis fits our aching body needs better.) We mainly stay at real Mom & Pop grounds. All we need is 30 amp service and 20 amp will do. They seldom look nice, have no pool, no clubhouse, no playground, lopsided gravel sites-or no gravel, no big RVs with outside TV or lights, and seldom kids running around., BUT BOY ARE THEY FRIENDLY. Unfortunately they seem to be disappearing. KOA type places only when staying for a couple days for a wedding or visiting relatives.

1 year ago

We actually had a very quiet and peaceful stay at one park that looked very funky. Main thing is check the bathrooms before you decide. It this case they were old but clean. Good enough for us.

John Koenig
1 year ago

There’s a “campground” just inside the access road to the Carlsbad Caverns. As I had not yet visited that site, I drove up a long access road to the building and learned I could not boondock in the parking lot overnight (this was 5+ years ago and, I had arrived just before closing). I checked the campground office on the way out. They had one site left so I took it, Fortunately I was good at handling my 40′ Super-C; the site were close enough that with slides out, adjacent rigs were almost touching! The next morning, I drove back up and toured the caverns. They’re amazing! I was told that there was a place only a few miles away where boondocking was permitted. When safe to travel again, I want to return to Carlsbad Caverns again and stay for the evening bat exodus. I don’r remember the name of the “campground” but, unless MAJOR improvements have been made, I would NOT go back there or recommend it.

Bill Jones
1 year ago

I have not really turned away, but I’ve cut my stay short (to 1 night) and found nicer places. Only happened twice, so far, and I was lucky to find something nicer nearby.

Paul Cecil
1 year ago

I am only part time RVing, but like others have said I do my research first. One thing I do look at is the satellite views of the park and surrounding area. If the RV park looks more like a RV storage lot I avoid it. I have stayed at a few parks that did not give a good impression when driving up to, but I was pleasantly surprised once I was inside and set up.

Dr. Michael
1 year ago
Reply to  Paul Cecil

look at in the satellite views of the park and surrounding area.

Yes!! This is exactly what I also do.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

No, but we mainly stay in State Parks or Military FamCamps, so rarely have to stay in a ‘junkyard’. We have stayed in a few places that reallllllyyyyyyy needed work (One in particular in Jonesboro, AR) but the utilities were fine, so I was happy. That said, I have seen some ‘top shelf’ places that I have left when the owner came out wearing a MAGA hat.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff Craig

Who the hell cares about a Maga hat does it really matter

1 year ago
Reply to  Jake

Those mean tweets really got to some folks.

1 year ago

Some looked like Sanford and Son junk yards. Or drive to one and the neighaborhood looked like a combat zone. I think they became over flow for some other campground. Just kept moving along.

Lil John
1 year ago

One thing I have noticed is that you need to get “in” the campground before you make a decision. A lot of campgrounds are built away from the street, and you have to go down a long driveway to get there. I’ve seen some really bad stuff out there! Many times, after going through the rough stuff, the campground turned out to be great. That “first impression” thing does not always work with campgrounds.

1 year ago

We have driven by a few parks that looked questionable, but if we have reservations there we usually already know what it is like. When looking at unfamiliar parks we check reviews thoroughly before booking. Looking at reviews we consider that some people are never satisfied, others embellish one issue into catastrophic review. We look for review issues that are relative to our expectations.

1 year ago

Yes, but we also always read the reviews and have found some very nice campgrounds behind those ugly signs. I highly recommend looking at reviews before you decide.

1 year ago

Not yet in the 21 years I’ve been RV’ing. I’ve had one bad experience in that time & that was a security issue, not aesthetics. I do a fair amount of research before staying anywhere, reading reviews from 2 different sources, checking pictures and Google Maps.

1 year ago

We almost did. Small town on a new to us route. We decided to stay since it was 1 night. Manager was very helpful and friendly. Park had a lot of full-time residents looking mostly down and out plus one tent fulltimer. Stayed in rig. Heard not a peep from anyone. Slept well and continued on our trip just fine.

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