Thursday, June 8, 2023


Fix your own RV? Here are some tips


By Bob Difley

If you find RV repair facilities expensive, you are not alone. And maybe you feel that you don’t have the skills to perform certain repairs yourself, which would save considerably on both parts and labor. Before you take your rig to the shop the next time, consider these steps to determine whether you might be able to do the repair or installation yourself.

Go online to a respected RV repair site, such as Gary Bunzer’s RV Doctor, to determine whether there are instructions there for what you want to do. Often there will be videos as well as verbal step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. If you don’t find what you are looking for there, do a Google search beginning with “How to … ” and see what comes up. [Editor: There will probably be at least a few YouTube videos on any subject. Maybe watch more than one to see who has the best advice, and check the comments as well as the number of “thumbs up” compared to “thumbs down.”]

If you are able to find instructions that you feel you can follow, the next course of action is to find the part(s) that you need and order them. Again, go online to RV parts distributors, such as Dyers RV Parts and Accessories, and search for the replacement part or accessory that you want to install. [Editor’s note: You can even find RV parts on Amazon and support at the same time!] You may find that online help is far greater and more explicit now than even just a few years ago. Then go for it!

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