Tuesday, March 21, 2023


FMCA announces stiff hike in membership fee

By Chuck Woodbury
The RV club FMCA, which was once called the Family Motor Coach Association but is now simply called FMCA, has hiked its annual dues by $25. New members will now pay $85 to join ($75 for renewals), up from $60 to join and $50 for renewals.

President Jon Walker explained in the new October edition of the club’s Family RVing Magazine that the hike was due to a significant increase in the cost of the club’s FMCA Assist Program. “This new increase resulted in a substantial budget deficit for FMCA, which is a not-for-profit member-owned organization and runs a lean operation as is.”

FMCA Assist provides, among other things, trip assistance and concierge services to members to ensure that their dependents, pets and RV are returned home should the unexpected take place.

The club of mostly older RVers provides other benefits including a monthly magazine, roadside assistance, insurance, a tire savings program, and support for more than 400 local and specialized chapters. Its regional and national rallies are popular with some members although only about two percent attended the recent 100th national rally celebration in North Dakota.

If you are a current member of FMCA, will the dues price hike have any effect on whether you will renew your membership?



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3 years ago

Too much for what they offer. Hard pass.

Micheal Whelan
3 years ago

I did renew this time. So far I have not received benefit that justifies the dollars spent. I figure I would try it one more year and evaluate it then.

jane shure
3 years ago

When it is time to renew I will have to sit down and evaluate if I have gotten my moneys worth. As it stands I have not gotten my $60 worth. I do not understand the very high percentage rate hike when their membership has been increasing.

Vanessa Simmons
3 years ago

I don’t need to renew for about three years since I paid for multiple years to take advantage of the discount Sprint and Verizon hotspots. I saved almost $400 on tires for my tow vehicle earlier this year. The increase is said to help cover one of the greatest benefits…Roadside Assistance that will cover the cost of a helicopter or fixed wing flight if I need to be evacuated to a hospital. Was at a campground where a chopper landed to take a camper out with heart issues. If he didn’t have this insurance the bill for the 15 minute flight was probably over $1000 a minute.

Lynne Edwards
3 years ago

We have our Sprint & Verizon hotspots through their discounted program. Will have to assess the discounted savings vs. the rate increase. Probably will renew.

Jay J
3 years ago


Charles Woodall
3 years ago

Still the best organization out there when you consider all FMCA has to offer. We take advantage of several of the perks and love them all. We have tried several others and were not as impressed.

Richard Davis
3 years ago

The only reason I joined FMCA was so I could join one of the sub chapters (Beaver Ambassador Club). I will continue to do so even though I have no other interest in belonging to FMCA.

Karin Callander
3 years ago

The only reason we belong is for assistance in case of medical emergencies, so it’s still cheap insurance!

3 years ago

After being dropped by Good Sam for having too many claims (4 at the most for tire blowouts on 5th wheel) and charging extra for their assist program, we found FMCA a better deal and never have a problem getting roadside assistance. Granted we don’t own a 5th wheel any more but they have assisted with other things.

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