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FMCA to announce today new Internet data plan


(Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017) — FMCA, the Family Motor Coach Association, will announce a new benefit today to its 74,000 motorhome owner-members, a new data plan from Verizon. Here are the details as they were provided to RVtravel.com a few days ago (with instructions to hold any mention of this until today).

Complete details should be forthcoming from FMCA later today at the organization’s website, FMCA.com.

After you have read this, please comment to tell us what you think. Is this a big deal as FMCA believes? Or not? Please answer the quick poll at the bottom of this article.

FMCA provided this Q&A based on what it believes will be common questions about the new plan:


How do I sign up?
1. Click the Verizon portal link on the page.
2. We will verify your membership status. Your FMCA membership must be active for at least the next 2 years.
3. Once FMCA has verified your membership is active for at least 2 years, you will be asked to provide your email address.
4. After your membership and email address have been confirmed, you will be redirected to the Verizon site, where you can complete the sign-up process. Make sure you provide Verizon the same email address you provided FMCA. If your account is found not to be associated with a FMCA Membership you will not receive the discounted price and
you will be responsible for the full retail value of the plan and device.

Is there an activation fee?
Yes, there is a $30 activation/upgrade fee per line.

Will FMCA or Verizon bill me?
Upon sign up, you are a Verizon customer and subject to their terms and conditions. Verizon will bill monthly for the service. All billing, customer service, and technical support questions should be directed to Verizon.

What if I need to cancel or to replace my device?
The Early Termination Fee (ETF) is $175, decremented an amount each month the line is in service. A customer may terminate service for any reason within 14 days of activation. If the device is purchased at a promotional price – $0.01 is a promotional price – you must return it within the device return period to avoid being assessed an Early Termination Fee. You will also be responsible for all applicable usage fees, prorated access charges, taxes, surcharges or other charges that accrued to your account through the termination date.

How do I know what device model I will receive?
The promotional Jetpack option(s) will be displayed on the ordering portal during the enrollment process.

Is there any sort of warranty or insurance coverage for the device?
Yes – all devices have a minimum one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty. Insurance options are available and will be displayed on the ordering portal during the enrollment process.

Is there a data threshold?
Throughput of data speeds will be limited should 25GB of data be used within a given bill cycle.

What about international usage?
Internet access is good for use in the U.S. only. International data packages may be available, but you will need to contact Verizon directly to learn about international options.

What do I do if I am already a Verizon customer on a different plan?
You will need to contact Verizon about switching by calling (800) 922-0204 or *611 from your mobile phone.

What about shipping?
Your Verizon Jetpack Kit will ship 2-day, overnight shipping at no additional charge, Monday through Friday (no Saturday/Sunday delivery), and is dependent upon availability. Verizon cannot ship to a PO Box, but can ship to a mail forwarding address. A signature is ALWAYS required when carrier delivers the package.

My friends want this offer, too! How can they?
To sign up, you must be an FMCA member. At this time, membership in FMCA is for owners of Type A, B or C motorhomes and bus conversions. If your friends own a motorhome, visit FMCA.com or call 800-543- 3622 to join. We’d love to have them!

Wait – Didn’t FMCA offer this before?
Yes, FMCA and Verizon had a prior agreement that was terminated. The plan has been renegotiated to offer a larger benefit to you, the FMCA member. Thanks for your patience while we worked out the details for you.

What happens at the end of my 2-year contract with Verizon?
You can remain on the plan as long as FMCA’s agreement with Verizon is in place and as long as you are an active FMCA member.

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5 years ago

This is same plan Verizon is offering right now with unlimited data, but check the fine print, after 25g it is worthless service, 1x service would be better. They want us to switch but we are on the previous carryover data plan, 24 g per month, any unused is carried over to next month, this month we have 38gig to use.

Sheridan & Kathy Ball
5 years ago

So what is the latest word on whether or not FMCA is going to expand its membership to include 5th Wheelers, etc.

Chuck Woodbury
5 years ago

FMCA will announce the results of the vote on Dec. 10.

John Koenig
5 years ago

Addition to my original comment. The “Special offer” gets you ONLY 25GB of data. Once you’ve reached that 25GB limit, your connection speed WILL be severely throttled for the rest of the billing period, EVEN IF there is NO “network congestion”. The original deal FMCA worked out with Verizon was SUBSTANTIALLY better than this current offer. I’ll continue to look elsewhere for a reasonable deal.

John Koenig
5 years ago

I am an eligible FMCA member and, I was initially VERY interested. When I followed the link from FMCA to the Verizon website, I got to see (almost) what the TRUE price was going to be. The trumpeted $50 special monthly rate does NOT include “taxes, fees, surcharges”. Expect the TRUE bill to be closer to $70; roughly 40% MORE than the “teaser” rate. Verizon can and should do better.

5 years ago

I am a current FMCA member and a Verizon customer. We have had Verizon since we went fulltime in 2005 primarily because of the coverage. I have learned over the years that if there is a way Verizon can increase your costs, they will find it.

I am very hesitant about this FMCA/Verizon arrangement. The only way that you can contact Verizon to see the effect on your current plan is to first sign up for the FMCA plan. No way to determine if it is going to cost more or less than the current plan unless you sign up first. My experience with Verizon is once you change something, there is no going back.

Before offering this plan, FMCA should have worked with Verizon to allow existing customers to determine the size of the pig in poke before we commit to the plan.

5 years ago
Reply to  Jerry

We agree with you Jerry, not sure this will be cheaper than what we are paying now for our 2 phones and 16G Jet pack now. $150 ish a month,

5 years ago

I currently have the Verizon unlimited plan for which I pay $127 per month including taxes. I get 15gb hotspot time. I’ll be interested to see what limitations this new plan sets on data used when one is connected to a laptop.

Solar Steve
5 years ago
Reply to  Rhonda

Our two unlimited flip-phones PLUS unlimited hotspot direct from Verizon amounts to $127 a month. No FMCA and conditions needed. This was after jockying around their plans due to poor speed and service at home base, they offered more data with speed dropping after 10 GB, then switched that to unlimited. Catch is, where we live in the mountains the 4G speed is often very slow all the time because of overloaded systems, but on the road it works great.

5 years ago

My FMCA membership was going to expire in 57 days. I had been trying to decide if I would even renew as all I really received was a magazine loaded with ads. When I saw the new Verizon plan I fell for what now I believe a scam. Being a existing Verizon customer I should have know better(Verizon only likes new customers). When I tried to sign up I kept getting a zip code error (like I don’t know my own zip coded). At first I contacted Verizon since it was their site giving me problems. I was told Verizon does not offer the plan. I contacted FMCA via their FB page. Several back and forth comments finally lead to a call from a Dan Ball from FMCA office. I explained to him the problem I was having. Dan then messaged me back that he had contacted Verizon on my behalf and I was “squared away” and would be receiving an email from Verizon and if I didn’t to call back. The Verizon email had not arrived so I went back to FMCA FB page rather than calling so my comment could be seen by more than if I had just called and had a one on one with someone that would only tell me what I wanted to hear to end the call. I the received a message telling me the response could take between 24 and 48 hours, and it had only been 24 hours. If only they could respond as fast as the payment to FMCA appeared on my credit card. I am now in the final hours of the 48 hour time period and have not heard from Verizon. Feeling scammed!

Traveling Man
5 years ago

We have the MiFi now…With taxes, it runs $52.19 a month.

The catch? We ONLY get 2GB per month and then $15 per GB after that.

Now, add in the membership fees of FMCA (if there are any) and this would not be a good deal (if this is the only reason to join FMCA).

There are (at times), configuration problems with your email service as port settings can be issues. We still haven’t resolved ours yet. You can receive email but cannot send email.

If you are not a “streamer”, then you won’t need 25GB. The 2GB has been working out for us for general email and some regular surfing. Admittedly, ideally, it would be nice to have 3GB. We went over one time in 2 years but we watch what we’re doing with 2 devices (laptop and I-Pad)

5 years ago

I had Verizon (everything bundled) and left it for US cellular (bundled). Saved almost $200 per month. Verizon finds unlimited ways to charge you more.

5 years ago

If you are an existing Verizon Mi-Fi customer call Verizon customer service prior to filling out the application and verify the particulars of the deal.

5 years ago

BOTTOM LINE: This is NOT a program for anyone that currently has a Verizon Mi-Fi/ Hot Spot!

It may be a good deal for new Verizon customers but in my case it was going to raise my monthly fee approx. $60. After completing the online registration I called Verizon at the number listed on the application to get this deal registered on my current account where I currently have a Mi-Fi, a hot spot, two cell phones, and a tablet. After spending over an hour on the phone with Verizon (their reps have not been educated about this program) it was determined Verizon will NOT transfer the $49.99 data rate to my existing equipment. This was going to be a new account with a separate Mi-Fi device that would only work with one phone. In addition by signing up for the new program I forfeited my current 20% business partner discount. I have been required to re-submit my paperwork to get re-qualified.

5 years ago

@grumpy, yes the amount of data you can use is truly unlimited. However, your speeds will be hard throttled after 25GB of usage within a given billing cycle and speeds will return to normal when you begin your new billing cycle.

FMCA and Verizon have inked a 2-year deal on this so it is in fact legit.

5 years ago

This time around, the contract is between the member and Verizon. To get the special pricing, you need to be a member of FMCA. After that you have a two year contract directly with Verizon.

5 years ago

Verizon pulled the plug on this plan (or a similar one) back in June before it really got going as it was too good to be true. See link: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/?s=fmca
Has it been resurrected?
If so, I would be very hesitant to sign up until I was sure it was a for sure deal. True unlimited data sound too good to be true.

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