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Ford dominates list of best used trucks for $10,000


By James Raia

You’ve got an RV to tow, but only have $10,000 to spend on a suitable truck. Is that feasible?

Chris Flynn, a writer for, has compiled an interesting list featuring used trucks from 1999 to 2018 – all in the affordable $10,000 price range.

Ford has five choices among the best used truck for less than $10,000.
Ford has five choices among the best used trucks for less than $10,000.

As the best-selling vehicles in the United States for more than 40 years, Ford has five trucks on the list, dating from 1999 to 2014. Chevrolet has three vehicles on the list, dating from 2004 to 2014. Toyota is represented by two trucks, dating from 2003 to 2012. And GMC (2006-2014), Honda (2006-2014) and Nissan (200-2018) are represented by one model.

According to Flynn: “They (the trucks on his subjective list) are reliable and still capable of maintaining the high caliber of performance they showed when they appeared fresh in the market.”

Since Ford tops the list with five vehicles, here’s how Flynn describes the Ford F-150 from the model years 2004-2012:

“The F series is an example that precisely illustrates Ford’s caliber. The F-150 series features many trims, ranging from a 4.6L V-8 engine to fuel-efficient EcoBoost V6 and a 5.0-liter V-8 engine producing raging powers.”

Here’s the complete list of top used trucks that cost about $10,000:

15. Ford F-150 (2004 To 2012)
14. Toyota Tundra (2003 To 2014)
13. Chevrolet Colorado (2004 To 2010)
12. Dodge Ram (2002 To 2008)
11. Ford Ranger (2006 To 2012)
10. Nissan Frontier (2004 To 2018)
9. Dodge Dakota (2004 To 2011)
8. Honda Ridgeline (2006 To 2014)
7. Chevrolet Silverado (2004 To 2014)
6. Toyota Tacoma (2005 To 2012)
5. GMC Sierra (2006 To 2014)
4. Ford F-350 (1999 To 2005)
3. Ford F-150 (2014)
2. Ford F-350 (2007)
1. Chevrolet Colorado (2012)

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Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

I wonder why they started the Ford F-350 list at 1999 (unless it’s because prior to that year, the Powerstrokes didn’t have an intercooler on the 7.3 diesel). I hauled our trailers for twenty years with our 1997 F-350. Although I DID have a Banks intercooler installed in it to sorta bring it ‘up to speed’ somewhat.

Jan E. Van Hoven
2 years ago

You forgot the F-250 w/7.3 Diesel (before 2003)

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

hmm, no Honda Ridgelines on the list.

2 years ago

Number 8

Dave Jeffries, USAF Retired
2 years ago

The pickup listing seems to be for very small trailers. I’ve found that anything 30 feet and over had better have at least a 3/4 ton rig. I see very few in the list.

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