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Honda Ridgeline leads trucks capable of reaching 200,000 miles


By James Raia

Competition is intense in the car and truck industries, with the price of new vehicles providing a pause for buyers. What is the best choice: new or used? For as many buyers as there are, there are also likely as many reasons for consumers to buy new or used trucks to tow their RVs.

The Honda Ridgeline among three trucks on the list of top-15 vehicles reaching 200,000 miles.
The Honda Ridgeline is among three trucks on the list of top-15 vehicles reaching 200,000 miles, according to

Longevity is one strong criterion. For truck buyers seeking a used pickup to tow their RV there’s good news.

The website, an automotive search engine and analysis platform for car and truck buyers, has released its top-15 list of vehicles reaching 200,000 miles. The site calculated from more than one million vehicles the models and manufacturers with the highest percentage reaching 200,000 miles.

The trucks included on the list: Honda Ridgeline (3.0 percent), Toyota Tundra (2.5 percent) and Toyota Tacoma (2.5 percent).

In addition to the three pickups, the top-15 list includes 10 SUVs (including a hybrid), one sedan and one minivan. The Toyota Land Cruiser tops the list with 15.7 percent of the SUVs reaching at least 200,000 miles. Toyota has seven vehicles on the list.

The Lincoln Navigator is the only luxury vehicle on the list. The Honda Odyssey is the only minivan on the list. The Toyota Avalon is the only sedan on the list.

The average among all vehicles that reach 200,000 miles is 1 percent.

Here’s the list of the top-15 vehicles reaching 200,000 miles:

1. Toyota Land Cruiser, 15.7 (percent)
2. Toyota Sequoia, 9.2
3. Ford Expedition, 5.2
4. Chevrolet Suburban, 4.9
5. Toyota Highlander Hybrid, 4.2
6. Chevrolet Tahoe, 4.1
7. GMC Yukon XL, 4.1
8. Toyota 4Runner, 3.9
9. GMC Yukon, 3.2
10. Honda Ridgeline, 3.0
11. Toyota Tundra, 2.9
12. Honda Odyssey, 2.7
13. Toyota Avalon, 2.6
14. Lincoln Navigator, 2.6
15. Toyota Tacoma, 2.5.

James Raia, a syndicated automotive columnist in Sacramento, California, publishes a free automotive newsletter and podcast, both available on his website, Contact James via email: .

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2 years ago

140K on my ’06 Ridgeline. No problems yet. Just normal maintenance. Still going strong.

2 years ago

Fake news ……. this article has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.
Tundras,Chevy,GMC, Fords and yes Dodge have many trucks over 200k.

2 years ago

While I love my Pilot, if this article was about trucks that last and can tow, neither the Ridgeline nor the Odyssey can tow much of a payload. The Ridgeline is pretty much a Pilot with no covered back end. I wish I had more tow capacity for more than a soft top. BUT it IS a Honda and will run awhile if you take care of it.

Steve Comstock
2 years ago

it was stated that, “The Lincoln Navigator is the only luxury vehicle on the list.” Ironically, the #1 car on the list was the Toyota Land Cruiser! And what puzzled me most was the absence of the Lexus SUV GX and LX series, both luxury vehicles at the very top of the Toyota line with possibly the greatest longevity of all!

Now, my prejudice in these considerations is fueled by owning a 2010 Lexus GX 460 with a “low” 130,000 miles on it currently. It looks and runs like new and we have been towing our 5,500 lb. travel trailer with it periodically for the last 3 years. In consulting with my maintenance manager at our Lexus dealer, she states that she has a customer driving one with over 370,000 miles on it, all original equipment. The sales agents at the same dealership will tell you their frustrations in obtaining used GXs for resale, due to owners wanting to keep their vehicles for periods much longer than other car owners.

Michael Logan
2 years ago

Depends on what you need from a truck. I purchased a 2018 Ridgeline as a comfortable riding vehicle and also to be able to haul items when needed. I owned a Grand Caravan and had trouble hauling some items when needed. You make do with what you have. I have even hauled a dishwasher and a dryer in my Smart Car when my van was not available. I have photo of Smart Car with dryer in back.

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

Hmmm, I sold my 1996 Chevrolet Suburban with over 400,000 miles on it in 2017 when I bought a F-150. I have only seen two Honda Pickups towing trailers.

2 years ago

Hard to be excited about the Honda Ridgeline. It’s a beautiful vehicle that is well made and durable. Just not able of a real work load. A vehicle for posers.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tom

Depends if they are actually posing or not…