Friday, November 26, 2021


Forest River recalls some Surveyor trailers for fire risk

Forest River is recalling certain 2018 Surveyor trailers, models SVT266RLDS, SVT285IKDS, SVT285IKLE, SVT323BHLE, SVT33KRETS, SVT33KRLOK and SVT33KRLTS. These vehicles were built with a circuit breaker that allows more current that the wiring can handle.

The incorrect circuit breaker can cause the wiring to melt, increasing the risk of a fire.

Forest River will notify owners, and dealers will install a circuit breaker with the correct load rating, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin February 28, 2018. Owners may contact Forest River customer service at 1-574-642-3119, extension 205. Forest River’s number for this recall is 37-0604.


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3 years ago

Just when I thought I had found a manufacturer that is better than Thor.

Mike Sokol (@mike)
3 years ago

As you should all know, every wire gauge has a maximum rated current, and the circuit breaker (technically called an Over Current Protection Device or OCPD) must be sized appropriately to trip first before the wires can melt and catch on fire. The dangerous thing is that unless you create an overload situation you might not know if your circuit breaker is sized improperly, so get this fixed immediately.