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Full-time RVing — Be a professional “rent-a-guest”



By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Need a place to “settle in” for a little while but don’t have the cash to pay high rates at RV parks? One enterprising RVer explains his methodology for developing leads for places to stay in his RV.

He hit a real estate office in an area where he needed to sit tight. He explained he was an RVer, was basically self-contained, and would be happy to provide “on-site” security for home owners who needed to be away from their properties. He stressed that he wouldn’t be sleeping in their beds, dirtying their dishes, or running up their phone bill. All he needed was a place to park his RV and keep watch.

Very soon the RVer not only had a place to park his RV, but had free electricity. And since he was able and willing, he also fed the horses and kept the pool up. The owners loved it so much they threw in some nice financial compensation. At other times he’s stayed by a farmer’s stock tank free, “Just to keep an eye out for trouble.”

Friends of ours did a stint of vending out of Quartzsite in the winter, but the summers were too hot for them to “earn their desert rat’s merit badge.” So one summer they tooled back to the Northwest and asked around. Soon they had a full hookup site at a small RV park. Once a week they vacuumed the “rec room” and made sure the swimming pool water was kept aright. They had a sure-fire test for knowing the pool water was good: A hop in the pool whenever they wished.

Yes, you could opt to work through an agency that promotes “work camping.” Many are reputable – ask around full-time RVers if they’ve had good or bad experiences – they’ll tell you. When you “interview” for a job it’s good if your rig looks clean, and the rest of you matches up with the story. Since you’re self-contained, you can park just about anywhere you’re needed.


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5 years ago

House sitting while in your RV sounds like a great idea. Having a video camera in place is a good addition. Very smart thinking. I’ll have to remember this when I am finally full timing.

David Bailey
5 years ago

There is a site, Angie’s List!. It is free to create an account, choose “Home Sitter” category and set up your profile. The better job you do, the better your reviews. When making your arrangements with prospective customer, make sure you work out what you are and are not responsible for and what actions you are to take in the event something “actually” happens while they are away. I strongly recomend using a wireless security system to record your “watch”. You can be held liable, even arrested for trespassing if your Rent a Guest situation goes wrong. This age of people sueing everyone and thing, you could easily lose everything you have if you dont have a valid contract and video back-up.

Sharon Baron
5 years ago

With all these derelict RVs popping up everywhere I’m concerned that those who live in their RV full time and those of us who are planning that life style may be facing trouble in the near future. Since home prices have gone up many people cannot afford one or shovel out the high cost for a rentals so where do people go? For many it seems like an RV or camper is the only place left. The rich continue to get richer and the middle class is in the pits. So where does that leave us?? It’s a questionable future.
I would not be surprised if there is something in the works to tax the full time RV’ers a taxation as if it is property tax. Cutting back on the nation’s health insurance that will be a disaster if not done right is a clue how things can change the way we live and how we live. It can happen and I expect this will be something that we will have to deal with sooner than we think.
Don’t hold your breath.

Donald Kreamer
5 years ago
Reply to  Sharon Baron

You are one negative person, do you have facts to back up what you are preaching? I see RVing with a BRIGHT future.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
5 years ago
Reply to  Donald Kreamer

Sharon does not, to me, appear to be “preaching,” but rather voicing her opinions and concerns on various matters and possible scenarios. That’s what free speech is all about, correct? —Diane at

willard stotler
5 years ago

would love a site like that

Michael Tracy
5 years ago

We need a company like Uber to coordinate the properties with the RVer.
Years ago we wanted to drive across the US on our way to a U.K. assignment. A company in California needed a company car delivered to Atlanta. I paid for the gas and they gave me so many miles/days to deliver it. We got to see the sites and states and they got their car delivered. This situation is similar. Whether it’s short term or long term it’s a win-win situation For both.
It might eventually adjust expensive RV Parks down to affordable rates due to the lack of business. Better than Walmart parking lots.

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