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Which cellular service do you use?


By Chuck Woodbury
RVers use a variety of cellular plans. I’ve used Verizon for at least 15 years. Along the way I have tested phones and air cards from AT&T and Sprint. My own experience is that Verizon has the best coverage, with AT&T second and Sprint third.

I recently switched to Verizon’s Unlimited Plan, which was misrepresented to me by a sales rep. So I am unhappy with Verizon. But I’ll stick with it because it works the best for me in rural areas where I spend a lot of time, primarily in the West.

What about you? Which service do you use? Please answer below. Once you click your choice, you’ll see the current tally of how those before you responded.



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Republicwireless. best deal
5 years ago

Republicwireless, best deal

Greg G
5 years ago

I use Tracfone. too with the one year contract. I pay for a whole year what most of you pay in a month.. Coverage isn’t always great in rural areas, but can’t beat the price. I only use it while on vacation and don’t care if I “receive” any calls or not.

5 years ago

Straight Talk has served us well for the last 8 years. We have two phones, one on Verizon networks and one on AT&T networks.

5 years ago

Both Verizon and AT&T

5 years ago

Other = Consumer Cellular.

5 years ago

Tracfone, keeps us in contact at home and on the road. Seven years and no major issues.

Nolan Brown
5 years ago

My wife and I use Tracfone as our phone service. Works well most states we have been in and the cost is really reasonable. For our Ipads and Ipad Pros we use ATT and have been well pleased. I have an HP tablet w/Tmobile, which doesn’t work very well, but works really well in the Gulf Shores area which is one of our favorite areas. I had a problem with Verizon Wireless several years ago and would not use their service even if it were free.

Margie T
5 years ago

I bought an “unlocked”Verizon phone 3 yrs ago and use Straight Talk through Walmart. Love no contracts, and very seldom do I have a problem not connecting to towers. No more $100+ phone bills for this girl!

5 years ago

I use TracFone prepaid and am very pleased with it.

jim MacLean
5 years ago


5 years ago

Have been Verizon customer for probably 20 years. In 2015 we motor home traveled to Alaska. We knew when we went through Canada we would have roaming charges if we didn’t add Canada/Mexico coverage for $30 a month. We were gone for 2 months, when we returned we took the extended coverage off. Over the past couple of years I have called and chatted with Verizon trying to find out why my bill was higher than normal. I have the payment auto deducted and get the bill online. When I finally checked the bill myself I noticed the Canada charge was back on my bill. Verizon added it back 1 month after we took it off. When I called I was told “well we must have added it back”. I said why would we add coverage if we weren’t traveling back there. The rep told me she could give me 3 months credit. This charge was from August 2015 to May of 2017. I have 5 phones and my bill runs between $340 and $380 a month. My contract is up in August of this year and I am moving to AT&T. I paid $30 a month for a year and a half and they refunded me for 3 months. This is wrong and I couldn’t get anyone to do anything about it, even though they could see how many times I had called about the price.

5 years ago

I am with Total Wireless which is a prepaid plan that uses the Verizon network. There are Verizon towers where I camp, but no towers for ATT, Sprint or T-Mobile.. Total Wireless gives me the quality of the Verizon network for a lot less money than going with Verizon directly.

Raymond Nuzzolo
5 years ago

Chuck we’ve been with Verizon for over 20 years and have been mostly happy. Service is good in most areas of the country. Our only issue is the same issue you had. Sales reps misrepresenting a service or feature and Verizon not willing to correct an issue. Now that Verizon has a chat service I try to use it all the time and get an emailed copy of the text so I have proof of what I was told. This has helped me twice in dealing with misrepresentation by their reps and in both cases Verizon removed charges on my bill because I was able to show them proof of what their rep told me.

5 years ago

We do the same. Utilize chat, keep a copy and have successfully used to correct bill later.

Janis V
5 years ago

I use Tracfone using ATT towers. My husband has StraightTalk using Verizon towers. This way at least one of us has phone access.

Jim Spellman
5 years ago

I guess I have to be different. I use, a WiFi-based service similar to Both use WiFi as the primary carrier, but also are capable of switching to Sprint, Verizon or AT&T’s cellular backbone. My user fees are less than $15 a month.

Larry Lucas
5 years ago

Consumer Cellular. We have two Iphones at half the price that we were paying AT&T, plus the customer service is great.

Kevin Hogle
5 years ago

Verizon. They all have drawbacks but generally Verizon is better. Verizon has better coverage in rural areas. ATT good in large metro areas. Also I’m pretty picky about my iPhone so Verizon generally works best for me. Agree with another poster, have been many places where my phone works, ATT doesn’t.

Patrick J Granahan
5 years ago
Reply to  Kevin Hogle

I use Verizon because of the coverage (most of the state of Maine only has Verizon signals…but Verizon has the world’s worst customer service…their help is just rude.
If you need an equipment service handled they are trained to sell you an upgrade and ignore the service request.
If you can do without Verizon then pick anybody else and you will be a Happy Camper!

Ken S
5 years ago

Straight talk – on the Verizon network. When camping for a week or more I have a Verizon Jet Pack. Only put time on it when I need it.

Brian Jensen
5 years ago

I use Tracfone. About $150 for 2 years of service. I have a Straighttalk hotspot. $40 for 4 gig and 60 days service.

5 years ago

Consumer Cellular. We now pay less for two smart phones than we did for one “flip phone”.

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