Thursday, June 8, 2023


Does your RV have a spare tire?

Does your RV, whether it’s a motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer, pop-up, van, etc., have a spare tire? If it didn’t come with a spare tire, did you purchase one for it to carry with you on your travels?

Some RVs come with spare tires, others don’t. Either way, it’s important for you to carry one with you just in case. You do not (repeat: do not!) want to get a flat tire and have to wait hours and hours, especially if you’re in the middle of nowhere, for roadside assistance. Nope!

Please tell us in the poll below – thanks!


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1 year ago

I have a fifth wheel and carry two spares. Had two blowouts 30 mins. apart first one I replaced in fifteen mins or less but second one had to wait for 2 hrs for roadside service. So from then on I carry 2.

Chuck S
1 year ago

My class A did not come with a spare tire or a spare mounted tire. I carry my Class A spare tire ” not a spare mounted tire” on my car carrier trailer along with a spare mounted tire for the car carrier trailer. Question might better be: Does your RV have a spare tire mounted on a wheel?.

1 year ago

I got a spare tire that I keep in my bay and brand new tires all around…

1 year ago

Absolutely! 245/70/R19.5 “H” rated. I use x2 1 ton floor jacks just to lower it (apx 150#) from below rear of 30′ class A chassis. 6 ton bottle jack to raise rear, 2 1/2 ton floor jack to raise front. Also jack stands. Only needed to change rear inboard 1 time in 23 years but very satisfying to get it done myself in 2 hours. (I’m 66 years old and hate spending money on things I can do myself)

Neal Davis
1 year ago

We do NOT have a spare tire for our motorhome (size 295 80R 22.5), but we did buy a lightly used tire that we lashed to the roof of our toad during our 4-month trip to Alaska in 2019. We had been warned that even with roadside assistance we might sit for hours (days?) awaiting a replacement tire of the appropriate size. Having such an obviously too-large spare tire tied to the luggage rack of our Jeep led to many questions and comments. Our favorite was that it was a redneck hot tub. Thankfully, we never needed the spare at any time during our 12,000 mile odyssey.

Richard Hughes
1 year ago
Reply to  Neal Davis

Our Alcan trip resulted in a busted tire. Luckily, we stopped in the road leading to the home of a First Nation Chief. The family helped us contact a tire dealer and we were on our way shortly. You were wise to carry the “hot tub.”. It warded off the marmots who shove rocks onto the highway.

1 year ago

We carry a spare tire that came with the Class A plus two more for the Class A plus two more for the utility trailer we tow.

Timothy Johnson
1 year ago

I have 2 spares for the camper and 1 for the truck.. And we got the ramp to change the tires and impact wrench and a generator…

Janet Herrell
1 year ago

Yes it did, but not anymore. I couldn’t have lifted it out of the compartment nor put it on if I had it. It took me my husband and a jeep to pull it out and then couldn’t lift it to put it on. Start of this year new tires all around and travel assistance.

1 year ago

I always carry a spare. For my towed vehicle, full size, and any trailer I might tow. My first motorhome was a class A that wore 19.5 tires, it came with a mounted spare in the basement, I had a carrier made for it, bought a 10 ton and 6 ton bottle jack and the bud wrench and long hand, 3/4″ drive required for the lug nuts.
My current class A came with an unmounted spare, 22.5, in the basement. I had it mounted and bought a Roadmaster carrier with hitch receiver. A spare is insurance that’s paid up that you hope you never need to use.

Wayne C
1 year ago

Yes, and I needed it on my last trip. 7 yr old LT tire peeled the tread off in one piece and casing burst. With a spare I was back on the road in about an hour.

Duane Timmons
1 year ago

Also, check to make sure your spare, if included with the rig, is the correct one! Our Itasca Sunova 26P came with a spare. When we did need it we pulled it out and discovered it was the wrong wheel! The spare was on a ford wheel and we have a workhorse (chevy) chassis. It looked correct until you tried to put it on. The Ford lug holes are slightly smaller and won’t fit on the workhorse lugs. Amazingly Winnebago customer service kept telling me the next day that “that is the correct spare” even after I pointed out the ford/workhorse difference. Lesson learned, EXAMINE all aspects of the spare (number of lugs, manufacturer, tire size) BEFORE you need the spare. Don’t assume that just because it came with the rig it is the correct one.

1 year ago

Yes, my Class B+ RV has both a spare tire and the tools to deal with it. It is also checked for proper air pressure. A flat spare is no fun.
I have also replaced the emergency spare tire in the Towd with a real road wheel and tire.
Belts and suspenders sort of thing.

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