Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Do you miss living in a sticks-and-bricks home?

Living in an RV full-time can be pretty tiring. It’s hard to be on the go all (or most) of the time. Do you ever miss having a sticks-and-bricks home? A place where the tires don’t need to be changed and the oil never runs out? Oh, wait … there’s still a lawn to be mowed and plumbing to be fixed…

After you vote in the poll below, please leave a comment and explain your answer. If you miss living in a sticks-and-bricks home, please tell us why. If you don’t miss it, tell us why not. Thanks! We appreciate your time and answers.


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Steve and Cindy Lenhardt
10 days ago

We have family from Midwest to west coast. Being full time allows us to visit without imposing.
In between family, we get to see so much of our great country and meet so many great people along the way.
Bricks and sticks are just that; home is where we park nightly and see so much together.
No regrets at all.

SoCal poboy
11 days ago

We will probably want a house again someday when we are tired of the adventure of this amazing lifestyle. “NOT “!!!!

Mark K
12 days ago

The only thing I miss about being full time is friends and family, but we also get to visit family who have moved away from our hometown and friends can come visit when we are in an especially scenic locale.

12 days ago

I liked my house, but it was never going to be my forever-home. About the only thing about it that I do miss is the mockingbird family that always nested in my yard. I could sit out on my covered patio and watch bird family behavior for hours.

Phil & Peggy
12 days ago

We lived in a nice little house, in a nice neighborhood, for 28 years before we went full-time in our MH. Some of those years we had nice neighbors who became lifelong friends. But some of those years the neighbors were not nice and we just had to put up with it. Aside from all the yard work we no longer have to do, when we don’t like our neighbors now, we can just pull the plug and move. Across the park or across the country. And to be able to live in different parts of this beautiful country, short term or long term, makes it all worthwhile.

Bluebird Bob
12 days ago

I miss paying $4,800 a year in property taxes. :{

Bob S.
12 days ago

I don’t miss mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, shoveling the snow, cleaning the gutters…….. I could go on.

Cheryl Robinson
12 days ago

Usually around the holidays. I really miss my house/home. We always decorated alot for Christmas. Had a tree in every room. And our wood stove going non stop in the winter. We lived in Michigan and loved the constant heat. Now we have a tiny little tree and only our electric fireplace that definitely doesn’t shoot out the heat like our wood stove did. But hey, no snow for 10 years now!!!

Glenda Alexander
12 days ago

I sold my last house in 1992 and have been living full-time in an RV of some sort ever since then, even though I was still working until 2004. I’ve never even been tempted to buy another house.

Jan Kuester
12 days ago

We don’t miss the upkeep, cleaning, or any of the time sucking requirements associated with owning a sticks & bricks home. It’s been 2 years since we began our full time lifestyle and we love it!! Being able to explore, learn more about our country and meet wonderful people along the way is an incomparable joy.

Bob and Charlotte and Champlin
12 days ago

We miss our well water and the garden tub we had in our master bathroom but not enough to give up our full-timing lifestyle.

12 days ago

I don’t miss the house but I do miss the garden.

12 days ago
Reply to  Doug

I was going to write the same thing!

12 days ago

I do miss our little apartment sometimes. When there was a problem, we called maintenance. Storage space was nice. But then, there were the noisy neighbors, occasional drug use that made it unsafe for our grands, strict rules about length of visits etc.
Guess there’s good and bad about everything so we chose to look for the good.

13 days ago

We have only been full timing for 6 months now but we love it and never looked back. We haven’t missed the sticks and bricks once and we thought we might a little bit. We love the adventure and travel, meeting new friends and living simply. But probably best thing is being out in nature and having a heightened love for it.

13 days ago

16 years on the road and I think I can count the times I wish I had the old homestead on one hand. All I have to do is think of the plumbing or the grass and it goes away.

Barbara Brooker
13 days ago

Home is where your @ is!