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6 unusual ways to use cupcake liners (no baking required) in and around the RV

Okay, I’ll admit it: I actually blew the dust off the top of the box of foil and paper cupcake liners. It had been that long since I’d made muffins or cupcakes! Evidently, our travels bounced the cupcake liner box to the very back of the “baking cupboard.” Since it was one of our “need-stilts-to-reach-it” cupboards, I had forgotten about the liners. But now that I’d rediscovered them, I wasn’t especially eager to start the oven in our unusually warm autumn weather. Instead, I decided to see what alternative uses I could find for the cupcake liners in and around our RV.

Toolbox? Nope, cupcake liners!

Hubby wanted to assemble our new RV mini-grill. He planned to use some kitchen bowls to sort the different screws, bolts, washers, and other grill pieces to make assembly easier. Instead, I gave him some cupcake liners. They worked great! He put all “like items” into their own liner. The grill went together in record time.

Arts and crafts organization

Since the cupcake liners worked so well for assembling the grill, I used liners to help our granddaughter sort the small beads she wanted to use to make a necklace. It worked like a charm! I imagine other hobbyists would find uses for them, as well.


Speaking of grandkids, I put snacks into individual cupcake liners for our littlest ones. Small pretzels, raisins, and other finger foods fit nicely, and the small snack amount won’t ruin their appetites for dinner!

No more sticky fingers!

Grandkids also love using cupcake liners when enjoying popsicles. I remove the popsicle wrapper, poke the end of the stick into a liner, and no more sticky fingers! The liner catches all the drips.


You can also use the cupcake liners to keep bees and other pests out of your sweet tea (or any sweet beverage). Fill your glass with your drink. Cover the glass top with an upside-down cupcake liner. Poke a small hole through the liner, insert a straw, and enjoy!

Clean cup holders, please!

A cupcake liner can also help keep your vehicle cup holder clean. Simply put a liner in the bottom of the cup holder. It will catch extra coins, drink drips, and more. When the liner gets soiled, you can easily remove and replace it.

So, there’s my list. Do you have anything to add to this list?


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11 months ago

I was skeptical at first (today is also International Skeptics Day), but I loved this article. Those are very helpful uses for cupcake liners…and I don’t have to turn on the oven once! 🙂

Nanci Dixon(@nanci-dixon)
11 months ago

Love these ideas. Great ideas about keeping bugs out of drinks and I know I will try the popsicle drip catchers for my husband and grandkids!

Thomas D
11 months ago

My daughter went to buy some liners recently and found them at 10 cents apiece. She questioned the clerk about the price. She was told the store was selling them for use as skirts for baby chickens and couldn’t keep them in stock .
You tube tiny chicks strut around in matching skirts

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