Tuesday, December 7, 2021


How many miles will you travel with your RV during this month of November?

You may be traveling quite a few miles this month to visit family or friends in other states for Thanksgiving. Or, you might be traveling 22 miles to your favorite State Park to enjoy what’s left of the fall colors. Or, perhaps you’re taking a break from your RV this month and you’re staying put.

Can you add up about how many miles you’ll be traveling in your RV this month? We’re curious to hear where, and how far, you’re headed!


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Retired Firefighter Tom
26 days ago

Driving from Wisconsin to Arizona in December – about 1,500 miles.

25 days ago

Similar, but heading to Texas in Dec. In-laws are on the road currently headed to AZ. The interesting issue will be fuel prices.

Dan A
27 days ago

We’re currently at Barksdale AFB Family Camp in Shreveport La. From here we’re heading to Big Bend National Park for a week, then on to Ft Bliss in New Mexico, probably a week there and on to St David, AZ where we’ll stay until the end of April.
1309 miles in November.

27 days ago

Move? We just got settled in for the winter. Planning for next year is well underway!

27 days ago

December is travel month. 700 mi to Texas.

SoCal poboy
27 days ago

Finishing up with a workcamping gig here in Michigan. The wife and I were Harvest Supervisors for the Sugar Beet harvest. 3 1/2 months of work. We will head to Missouri for Thanksgiving and Christmas and then go to the Southwest. 700 miles or so in November.

27 days ago

We’re full-time and are camp hosting thru February 2022 in the same spot. After that, We’ll hit the road again. So, no miles this month.

Phil J
27 days ago

Just to bring our “camping trailer “ to the rv park that we stay in full time in a large fifth wheel for relatives for thanksgiving.

Kathryn Turner-Arsenault
27 days ago

Back to San Diego (home) from Maine after six months. Hopefully in time for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for 3 in 2020 (covid). Thanksgiving for 25 in 2021!!!

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Jeff Signorini
27 days ago

1,800 miles getting back to Florida from Maine via Pittsburgh and New River Gorge NP in West Virginia. Already done, No more this month, or next.

George Henderson
27 days ago

November is a great time to take your RV on vacation! All the beautiful scenery, clear days, and crisp cool nights make it a prime month to enjoy the autumn. I plan on driving at about 500 miles this month when I take my 1 week vacation from work.