Wednesday, December 8, 2021


If you had to rate your life as a full-time RVer, how would you rate it?

If you had to rate your life as a full-time RVer from 1 to 5 stars, how would you rate it? 1-star being the worst, and 5-stars being it’s-the-best-life-ever!

After you vote, please leave a comment and tell us why you gave your life that rating. We’re curious to hear what you have to say. Thanks!


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13 days ago

I gave it 3 stars. I don’t currently do full time. 6 months south and 6 months sticks in bricks northeast. Right now just the right balance. I’m not comfortable right now making that transition to full time. Those that manage full time my hats off to those.

13 days ago

Finding that sweet spot between moving too much and not moving enough is tricky. It changes. The time spent in any one location is driven by finances, commitments, appointments, guilt, and weather. There are worse problems to have!

Tom H
13 days ago

5 Stars. Love it!
I enjoy the freedom. Freedom to go. Freedom to stop. Freedom from all the extra chores that come with home/property ownership. I really enjoy going on a trip and knowing I didn’t forget to pack anything 😉😊

14 days ago

Full time rving allows me to see the United States sleeping in my own bed, cooking in my own kitchen! I can leave when I want and go where I want. If one day I don’t feel like doing anything, I don’t! Drink my morning coffee in my robe outside watching an Arizona sunrise is perfection!!!

Joe Allen
14 days ago

On our 9th year and wish we had done it sooner!

John Koenig
14 days ago

The ONLY things I miss from my “stick & brick” is my whirlpool tub and deluxe shower; NOTHING else.

Judy S
14 days ago
Reply to  John Koenig

Lol, I’d add to those two things the residential toilet and dishwasher, but I agree, there’s not much to miss.

14 days ago

My wife & I cannot imagine any other lifestyle after 12 years of fulltime travel to every state at least once & Alaska twice. We’re in our mid 70’s & plan to keep this up for another 10 years or more, until deteriorating health forces us off the road. We’re still so into fulltiming that we are parking our 5th wheel near the Gulf Coast as a home base & have ordered a triple slide truck camper with lots of solar & lithium power to continue our extensive travels, just more compactly & efficiently. We love boondocking, & are always looking for beautiful, remote, quiet spots to enjoy nature, whether in the mountains, the deserts, the plains, alongside quiet rivers & lakes. It never gets old.

14 days ago

Can’t really explain it, our hearts just feel full! We are more relaxed, and go with the flow! We are just happier!

Bob Pav
14 days ago

I would give it a 3. Workamping and traveling can be stressful and you are still working so you are not on vacation every day. RVs break down more than a home or a car so with the wait time at dealerships you need to be handy. I do enjoy being in a different place for about every 6 months to totally enjoy the environment. After 6 years and the big changes that Covid has left for a long time to go we are ready for a nice park model home and just going on a vacation in a car

14 days ago

Been rving for 20 years!!! On number 6 can’t wait for number 7!!!