Saturday, November 27, 2021


Pick your two favorite Thanksgiving dishes…

We know it’s hard to pick just one favorite Thanksgiving dish, which is why you can choose up to two in today’s poll. What’s your favorite? Are you partial to the turkey or ham? The potatoes? The green beans? Or do you scarf everything down with hopes that means you’ll get to the dessert course faster?

If you select “other,” please tell us what your favorite dish or dishes are in the comments. Make us drool!


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13 hours ago

Prime Rib is my Thanksgiving favorite.

2 days ago

Rutabaga, how could you not list rutabaga!!! Wonderful, best part of the meal. Oh, and the dressing is not in the bird as I’m a vegetarian, it’s cooked on top of the stove or in the oven. Cranberry sauce made so it’s still just a little warm is also really good.

2 days ago

Dressing and gravy

Walt Sinkhorn
2 days ago

Egg noodles made with Turkey broth and giblets. Yum Yum!

2 days ago


2 days ago

You can’t just pick two, I eat too much at this diner anyway

2 days ago

just the two of us this year. cooked 1/2 turkey breast from grocery, mashed taters, green beans, peas, cranberry sauce, biscuits.

terry smith
2 days ago


Ben L Gohlke
2 days ago

MY Two favorite Thanksgiving dishes – Dinner and leftovers! What other choice is there?!?!?!

2 days ago

All of the above! …and for a week after – love it all!

ken k
2 days ago

pumpkin pie and whipped cream

Dick and Sandy near Buffalo, NY
2 days ago

Regardless of your choices, we all have much to be thankful for. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Stay safe, Stay well

2 days ago

Love the gravy and a family favorite, broccoli casserole…

Kaeleen Buckingham
2 days ago

I like the gelatin salads.

2 days ago

Dressing with gravy and Pecan pie for me.

2 days ago

I have always loved the leftovers. Evening turkey sandwiches and apple pie.

2 days ago

Don’t care for turkey (or chicken) so when I cook it is non-traditional. Standing rib roast with all of the trimmings and I will make up a batch of delicious cranberry relish (we end up having it over ice cream when we have ice cream in the house/camper) – fresh cranberries, OJ, amaretto, fresh orange, etc., etc.

Neal Davis
2 days ago

I selected “Turkey or ham,” but rarely care much for turkey, which is often drier than I’d like (perhaps we should learn to deep fry turkey?). That leaves me with ham trumping turkey even though it sometimes is excessively salty. I also selected “other” because I enjoy macaroni but without cheese. My maternal grandparents hosted us and the families of their other children for Thanksgiving for my entire childhood. My grandmother always made macaroni with cheese for the family and a small amount of macaroni without cheese for me. I don’t know how/why I disliked cheese being in macaroni, but that preference survives to this day, many years later.

2 days ago

Love corn casserole/pudding.

Wayne Caldwell
2 days ago

My two favorite Thanksgiving dishes? Plates and bowls.
😁😁😁😁😁 (There’s always one of us in every crowd)