Thursday, January 20, 2022


Is your RV’s kitchen too big, too small or just right?

Newer RVs, especially fifth wheels and large Class A’s have kitchens that feel as though they’re getting bigger by the second. Kitchen islands, wine coolers, a residential refrigerator… what more could you ask for? Perhaps this is too much kitchen for some of you…

Do you wish your RV’s kitchen were bigger? Do you wish it were smaller? Or is it just the right size for your needs? Please tell us in the poll, and, as always, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you!


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1 month ago

With the addition of a collapsible island, it was perfect.

1 month ago

I see many taking their kitchen outside. Some folks love grilled food, but I suspect it also allows them to expand that small kitchen!

1 month ago

I have adapted to the small size, but think it has somewhat stifled my creativity. Lack of prep space and having to cook in rotation due to small appliances. We have no classic oven. Only convection/micro, which we like and use, but is small.

1 month ago

I’ve learned to adapt and can prep/cook pretty much anything in my RV kitchen.

Bob Palin
1 month ago

If my kitchen was any bigger it wouldn’t fit in the RV!

James Starling
1 month ago
Reply to  Bob Palin

Same with my truck camper!