Thursday, January 20, 2022


Do you burn candles in your RV for ambience or smell?

Some people love candles, some people can’t stand ’em. What about you? Do you love them and burn them often? Or dislike them and never burn them?

This is one of our favorite candles. It makes us laugh every time we see it!

Thanks for voting in today’s poll! We always enjoy seeing how you all answer.


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1 month ago

I love my battery operated votives. They are lovely and safe.

MN Anon
1 month ago

Absolutely not.

Vanessa Simmons
1 month ago

NO WAY IN H3!! Watched the video of a RV being deliberately burned a couple of weeks ago…the chief of the fire department said their optimum response time to that campground was 12 min…survival time in the RV 90 sec.

Jeff Craig
1 month ago

After the wife set the bathroom on fire to cover the smell, I forbade them anywhere but on the range top. Same goes for the RV – but since we don’t want the cats to accidentally singe themselves, we use Bath & Body Works ‘Wallflowers’ instead when we have shore power. When she brought a candle into the RV, it, err…. “mysteriously” ended up back at home.

1 month ago

if we are boon docking most evenings we light a tea candle in our Ikea lantern~ and visit play games at the table unless we have a fire going…

1 month ago

No way! Too dangerous.

Paul Schwengel
1 month ago

we use battery operated look a like wax candles, no fire hazard with them.

1 month ago

I’ve experienced too many fires because of hair dryers, hair curlers, and candles. It is too easy to get distracted, forget, and woossh!

Lexi's Mom
1 month ago

I do use candle “warmers” powered by a cord, so no flame!
Much safer for me as I’ve been known to have a candle “burning” and leave!

Joseph Weinstein
1 month ago

I would consider myself irresponsible if I lit a candle in our trailer. The trailer is not a stable platform and there is too much chance of a candle falling. Not in our lifetime!. Of course, I only own a 23′ TT so have no idea how stable the larger RV’s might be.

1 month ago

The photo accompanying the poll is a fire waiting to happen. Hopefully only a photo-stylist would do this and hopefully they had someone with a fire extinguisher standing by.
• The pillow can fall or be knocked onto the flame
• The candle can easily be knocked onto the faux fur
• The candle is resting on precariously balanced boards

I’m in the group that doesn’t allow any candles in a RV. The fire danger is much higher in an RV than in most homes and typically have fewer escape routes.

Roy Davis
1 month ago

We only have used candles in the RV to help remove cooking smells. I can’t tolerate scented candles because of allergies. If I go into somebody else’s RV and they have anything scented inside I will politely leave.

1 month ago

I use the battery-operated tea lights or candles. All the ambience, none of the concern about forgetting to blow them out.

Leslie Schofield
1 month ago

Only use them on the table during dinner

1 month ago

May your smoke alarms be active and your insurance coverage applicable. Amen. Get an essential oil diffuser. Why increase your chances for a Darwin award?

Gary G
1 month ago

Asthma doesn’t allow. Just as bad as cigarette smoke and perfume.

1 month ago

Candles are just as safe in an RV as they are anywhere else. It’s the user who has to be smart about it. Have used them for decades in brick and RV homes (am full time now) with no issues. Just have to remember not to run with scissors.

Gayle V.
1 month ago

Uh, no. They stink, and are dangerous.

1 month ago

No candles, but my wife burns incense frequently.

Wayne Braxton
1 month ago

Seasonal scents are nice.